We will see though! I do understand the car will not have “performance” first in mind. Question on a MS3 cam. It made hp tq with stock heads. Those things are wicked sounding!!

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The MS3 has proven itself as powerful “cam only” addition, but I would be afraid of the MS4 for a daily driver unless more major mods were in my immediate future.

This will be above the point where the cam is make more power, at least vs. What rwhp gains can i expect from this cam?: True, hopefully i m3s a call here soon to find out if my heads have been milled, thats a deciding factor right now, because if they have i have no plans on flycutting the pistons so that would eliminate most of the crazy cams anyways.

MS3 Cam reviews

Thanks camarossx You definitely have to let it warm up before you drive off. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Yeah you right on that one Bro I have stock gears in the rear end and the stock z06 tranny and plan on keeping that way. What type of hp and torque are you making with the cam? No, but it wouldn’t be the worst idea either.


Find More Posts by Y2Kvert4me. All depends on what you want really.

Biggest cam for daily driving? MS3/4 too much?

dailly I have stock gears in the rear end and the stock z06 tranny and plan on keeping that way. I’m wondering if the ms3 or ms4 good for my ls1?

Find More Posts by 4u2nvc5. Originally Posted by PolishDude. Look around at cams with similar overlap.

I wanted opinions on that cam specifically unless you can think of something else similar that would also have that idle. Too big is a matter of opinion. I don’t consider the Magic Stick cams as streetable. I dont care if the car has a choppy idle or shakes a bit when at a light but i do need it to be driveable and want to not change the valvetrain every 10k miles.

Is the MS3 to much for a DD cam?

Brake and abs inop lights. Since my motor is all apart they will do the cam at the cost dily the cam, no labor, but i need to go through them but they can have any spec cam made by comp cams.


I doubt i can expect more without a fast mani Will the heads and cam negatively impact the mileage alot? Page 3- Biggest cam for daily driving.

Ms3 Cam Daily Driver – ultimate-games2

With other mods it mw3 a good all around cam. If you are looking for a great low-end feel for driving around, then the R would be the better choice. Add Thread to del. Originally Posted by agenthol If u still want streetable and 3. I would like opions from A4 and M6 guys. What are your goals, i know you want good numbers, but whats good? Many are under the assumption that a cam as large as an MS3 will not peak until RPM, but that’s not true.

Alan can post all the specs on the car, but basically it’s a bolt on cam only 01 Formula.