User profile for user: I think I’ll have to look for a store where I have the choice to not have the software included. Input and output jacks are organized on a pair of nearly symmetrical control panels. If you don’t need the software, you can probably get just the hardware. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten:

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Pinnacle Studio MovieBox DV – Version 9

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Results 1 to 7 of 7. Did You Say Bluetooth? Conclusion We know how it feels to stay up too late, lose too much money, and so are ready to pack up and head off into the sunset.

Pinnacle Systems launched two important products at CES Welcome to Tech Support Movieboxx A is where the Mode Select switch is. Even on our blazingly fast 3.

The “Import” button mvoiebox “File” is grayed out; I can’t even make a “Magic Movie” since the Mac is not communicating with the camera. I bought my Mac a year ago, and have only used it to make two movies, which I’ve since removed from the hard drive to free up space. As far koviebox I can tell everything is hooked up according to the manual.


We tested three versions of MovieBox DV hardware, and despite occasional audio problems with the first two, we found the latest of the three which incorporated a September firmware build to be stable and conflict-free on our state-of-the-art testbed.

Pinnacle Studio MovieBox DV Specs – CNET

Posted on Nov 24, 1: I just set the VCR and camcorder up somewhere out of the way and just convert away. My computer is a P4 3. I really appreciate all the responses. Sep 13, Messages: Ask a question Reset.

I think I’ll have to look for a store where I have the choice to not have the software included. I am at my wits’ end fighting with this, as the MovieBox was an expensive piece of equipment, and I just opened the box. All replies Drop Down menu.

CES 2003: A Final Look

At least until the next show, maybe a few months away, and then, we’ll do this all over again. Mulder–that will work, the only issue there is if you do it alot it can prematurely age the heads on your DV camera. How to apply color correction using the Gradie I bought a Pinnacle Moviebox a couple years ago, and it put out a high quality image, however when I would use old VHS tapes any time it would hit static it would freeze.


Dec 18, 7: It also comes with a nice Macintosh application that works flawlessly with Mac OS Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Gigantic-screen phone for moivebox gigantic price.

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Moviebbox great advantage of external devices over integrated boards: Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Aug 28, Messages: Pinnacle doesn’t offer anything but “live chat” for support, and just as I reach 1 in the queue, the session cancels.

Set the a timer for however long your DV tape is and you can transfer all day long without having your puter busy.