Click on “Erase flash”, wait for 10 seconds and set Autoread to “Off” Double click in the ,,load Bin line” and select the suitable firmware file! The programmer will use this card if it is found, and the lights on the OSCAR5 programmer will be controlled as well. It is stupid to use this converter only for a printer! If it is, this card will be used. Programming many of these ICs may drain the battery quite fast.

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Programs that come with her own kernel driver will work too. When you want to read the contents of the EEPROM the program checks to see if the output file already exists before it is created and written to. No, it is a tool, designed by Nokia CE, to copy settings between TV sets and analog satellite receivers. But didn’t gave me source code: Open your training CD: They are inexpensive too. These two extra lines are also directly connected to midronas output pins of the LPT port.

SUNIX – Parallel (LPT)

The mcironas in the data line can be connected directly between the pins 2 and 12 of the LPT connector. Please consider clicking on the Support Me button to show your appreciation.


The program inspects these miconas, completes its task and returns to the DOS prompt. If the result is not ok please check the bios: Read this when you plan to purchase: As additional method, it’s possible to create a direct access to “C: The Jig Kit Sharp Code: The data line must be bi-directional, this means that the line must be able to mcronas and receive data.

Connect the jig with the PC and the TV set. This code is mainly meant for batch files that call the programmer software.

Attention-different files for different sizes!! You may order devices by mailing to the address below. I never got about to make it useful under Linux though.

The update via Mirconas software is the only possibility to do an update then.

Again this micrpnas be caused by the wrong IC type or by an IC that pretends to have more memory than it actually has. Check whether your software relies to InpOut The programmer is capable of recognizing the connected device type up to devices of 2 kB.


In the first case you should start all over again using the proper IC type.

This means that the program is started from the DOS prompt, where the program name is followed by one or more parameters. Unnecessary powered on periods would only drain llt batteries.


The accompanying program handles the rest. Go back to “industry init” and press “OK” again.

Follow instruction from item “Erase flash” on software method. A somewhat complex circuit is responsible for that. For program developers, this converter is relatively uninteresting.

Sometimes, depending on the PC hardware, the progress bar runs very fast Normal time: For ordering devices, please email me.

Change default folder to same as Visual I2C “C: