Although you can use different sized monitors, all displays connected to TripleHead2Go must run at the same resolution and refresh rate. Nothing compares to the quality and versatility of the TripleHead2G0. Send a link to this item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate of equal or lesser value. However, if your GPU supports pivot functionality, then you can rotate the desktop as whole. How do I set up a game to run in Surround Gaming mode Windows only? Without a doubt, it has increased my productivity and brought gaming to the next level!

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Maximize your studio real estate Transform your laptop into a productivity powerhouse Comfortably edit video content on your Mac notebook computer. It connects to the video output of your system and uses the system’s existing GPU to provide high-quality, uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors.

You need to turn off mirroring and extend the display in the graphics setup in order for this to work. Expand your perspective and arrange application windows so you can complete your work more quickly and efficiently.

Set the digihal of your apps, such as where windows should open up and maximize, or even on which display a PowerPoint slide show will run. Working with more than one monitor allows you to see more, do more, and be more productive. Quick setup helps install your TripleHead2Go product and makes sure that you are up and running in no time. Any combination of analog and digital monitors is supported with TripleHead2Go, though you may require an adapter if the output connector on the TripleHead2Go is different from the monitor’s input connector.


Now you can personalize your desktop to get the most out of your displays and make the most of your time.

Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE | Multi-Monitors for Laptops

For more information, see your laptop documentation. I connect my Lenovo laptop to 3 short-throw projectors to get a really wide digital backdrop image for my church.

It is a pretty neat product. You can view a presentation across multiple displays, or only on one depending upon your needs. I use my three monitors for side by side documentations comparisons, Web design with multiple windows open on each monitor. Easily install Matrox PowerDesk across many systems without any user interaction — a must—have tool for any IT administrator for corporation-wide deployments.

Alternatively go even further and create multiple partitions on a single monitor and open an application in each section. The more powerful your existing graphics, the more powerful your TripleHead2Go multi-monitor environment.

If you can spare the coin, it’s a game changer Which GXM is right for your Mac? PowerDesk enhances your PC or Mac computing experience and productivity with a vast array of customizable options.

I am using this for edge-blending with two projectos on a screen. Customize your desktop’s layout and split it up into different sections.

Setup is a little tricky.

DualHead2Go Digital SE

Switch your displays’ on-screen content as a quick and easy troubleshooting fix. Currently running my screen resolution at x with tiple option to maximize an application to one or all 3 monitors! Connect multiple DualHead2Go units to create all sorts of cost-effective, versatile HD display configurations. After researching, I came accross this device from Matrox.


TripleHead2Go does not contain a GPU itself but connects to your computer’s video output and uses your own system’s graphics capabilities to render the digitl image that is then divided and sent to each monitor. The extra screen space will allow you to view more layers of video on the timeline, increase the size of your video scopes and frame viewers, as well as customize your entire workspace to improve your workflow. Note that the native size of video file determines if the video plays across all your monitors.

There was no fussing around – we plugged in the three projector cables into the module, plugged the module into our PowerMac, and way we went. This does it with ANY projector for a couple bucks.

Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition External T2G-D3D-IF B&H

TripleHead2Go units can be used to improve and simplify digital signage applications such as digital menu boards, terminal and concourse information displays, shopping mall kiosks, and ambience-enhancing installations—to name a few.

Please see the system compatibility information to verify the maximum resolution supported by your system. Just like higher resolutions can impact performance in single-screen systems, performance may vary with higher triple-screen resolutions.

You can connect two of the same units make and model in one system. Housing is steel and the connecting ports are solid.