How can I help you today? But i think this is not a big problem. I hope the procedures help in solving the problem. Rajesh Dwivedi, 25 Feb Hey guys i believe everyone is geting maemo community software update. I have installed Yappari and it’s performance is pretty convincing. Contact Us – Home – Archive – Top.

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Most other countries have voice navigation with sygic. In order to make the Developer Regatta more interesting it should have a prize pool.

Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend/Travel

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I just noticed this news over at TJC. Thanks to our community. But i think this is not a big problem. Tags europesellingused n Thread Tools. Unfortunately, i have tried from several way to download and all of md5 is d3da4adfd76d7ca4fe50f0 Now, mwemo don’t know where i get it? Would i b able to use voice navigation on my tablet ever??? I mean – it’s like what?

Some ask even more for just the phone no accessories or anything. Since the work has already been started by the community in this direction, i m sure we will have more updates in very near future to support this feature too Originally Posted by Scorpius Post Since it’s an unknown network error I don’t know what to tell you.


Scorpius I have managed to reproduce the crash, the steps is as follows: It would also be helpful if the keymat photo could be made while the keymat LEDs are on, because afaik, there are some pretty original-looking aftermarket keymats but without transparent letters.

Do you know if you will have it in the near future? I do hope this issue would fixed on the next update or version.

Spare battery for Jolla – Page 15 – – Talk

Thank You Very Much. Hi, Recently i have changed my cell number, but while connecting the Yappari the messages still go through the OLD number. Here’s the last part of the log, redacted for privacy; tell me if you need more it’s gotten to 5 megabytes and it’s a teensy bit long: Someone ran some prelimenary tests which suggest that charging the battery with the Jolla phone will overcharge it: Did you remove the yappari.

N and now N? The Jolla has a user replacable battery? You need to activate the application by giving the key generated from the keygen application.


There are some bruises and very light scratches on the body. Please find info on the fundraiser HERE. You can DM me here, but I would prefer if you email my mxemo that1wolf-n yahoo. Though we are able to open menu in portrait mode, if we open any application in this mode, it will open in landscape mode only.

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Find all posts by Protegio. Do not panic for one tenth of a volt of declared nominal voltage. So this is why I have finally decided that maybe someone else will have more use for the N than I currently have.