Scrambler has not been seen since he received the wedges, and is rumored to be missing greens on purpose, just so that he can use his new forged wedges. The crack is right along one of the seams that was welded during the manufaturing and assembly process – all of today’s heads are multi-piece. You can’t have a more clear-cut case of manufacturer’s defect than a head rattle on a brand-new club, and fixing it costs them next to nothing. The crown bows upward as a result of impact energy. If you want warranty work done you have to produce some sort of original proof of purchase – whether it be through your store receipt in which case they will refer you to go through them , or if it’s “customizing” as in WRX they charge you for it. I purchased it in May It is the press release announcing the new double faced driver from KZG.

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If a weld breaks – that is normal use to meand any highly reputable company will should stand behind the validity of their name and product to make sure the end user is satisfied.

Cracked KZG Gemini Head – Equipment Opinions –

Any suggestions would be helpful. As far as I know, the driver I bought was brand spanking new as there was not a mark on the head when I got it. You can’t have a more clear-cut case of manufacturer’s defect than a head rattle on a brand-new club, and fixing it costs them next to nothing.

Thanks to everyone who provided opinons on my chances of kzzg a replacement KZG Gemini head from their company even though I did not purchase from an authorized seller.


Cracked KZG Gemini 460 Head

I’m hoping you had a typo above because I paid to ship my fusion irons that by the way were purchased in barely used condition on ebay and Callaway bent them to my specs for free and shipped them back to me for free. Their warranty coverage is terrible and always has been. Guaranteed by Sat, Jan 5. I’ve got a little problem and am looking for some advice. There is a review of the Von’s Kag putter on this website. Golf Traders specialize in all types of golf club repairs. Occassional exceptions, depending on circumstances, are made by some.

But because the buyer bought outside the ‘dealer network’ he is penalized. Ping, Mizuno Callaway and others incl. Please contact us for any further information required.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Available in a Steel Blue or Midnight Black. The KZG Forged II Irons are relatively versatile clubs that feature a cavity back design which doublw them a good amount of forgiveness.

Nothing gained other than perhaps some misunderstandings between members. The clubhead, when combined with the proper shaft, works to keep the ball on the fairway, far from you.

KZG 3-Iron Golf Clubs for sale | eBay

I know the head is under warrenty for 2 years. You’re asking to go outside the lines of the rules kag deal with, and you made it plainly evident that you think it’s their fault – and it’s not.

If you are looking for a club that keeps the ball in play, look no further.

I was not charged anything except the cost to ship the clubs to them. Callaway will “refit clubs,” and charged you for it – at that point making you a regular retail customer.


Vendor is more important than buyer – at least they are telling you who kkzg want to protect. As far as returning it for warranty work it appears you are SOL, unless you are able to contact the seller which it seems the person is not a “real” KZG dealer since the company prohibits eBay selling of their goods.

It is not the buyers fault that it was an ebay purchase – did ebay somehow crack the face? AND you only have the word of the person you bought it from that it’s still under warranty. The Gemini employs a unique technological element that separates itself from other drivers on the market. He did a great job, and backs up his work. I simply posted my orignal question to this board because there are some great people who try to help others work a problem, if their might be some other options, instead of doubting a persons honesty and statements.

Com’s testers both for productivity and appeal. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to get a replacement head of a product that I liked and is under warrenty, but has obvious manufacture flaws. But it failed in the middle of the use for which it was intended.

Jim has a small shop and doesn’t have a launch monitor, but has plenty of demos and has no problem letting you take clubs to the range.