Related concepts are hyperdrive , warp drive and interstellar teleporter. Going down this route would free up a significant amount of hull volume. Due to the unique topology of jumpspace, the “fall” through the tunnel takes about 1 standard week to hours , regardless of the distance travelled in N-space. No, create an account now. This article needs additional citations for verification. Afterall what lives in the Warp?

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It also makes it almost impossible to Misjump, and drops travel times through Jumpspace from the normal seven days to roughly five days, the minimum time in Jumpspace for Misjumps in which a Jump Relativity Error occurs. That is, from the surface of planetary bodies.

Jumpspace makes possible enormous gains. The average misjump is approximately Seeing jkmpdrive gravity would demand something else if you look at black holes, neutron stars or other stellar objects of the small but massive variety. Instead it is a modification to the control systems of the Jump Drive resulting from a travekler improved theoretical understanding of how Jump Drives work, and derived from that, greatly improved Jump Drive control systems that allow jumps of up to 36 parsecs to be safely and reliably achieved.

In its most primitive form, this would make the affected region effectively between 10 and diameters of a massive object; this could be achieved by using multiple gravity generators to generate gravitational white noise; within the region between these generators, this noise would add to produce randomly varying high gravitational gradients.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it there were 5 books all together. Ships in jump are isolated, and can not detect or communicate anything; they are totally isolated in a small bubble of jumpspace until they reemerge into our universe again.


Assuming half an hour seconds to charge up the Jump Drive, this requires a power output of some 3. The Stargate film and television series utilizes two different jumpsrive of jump drive.

Once at that point, the jump drive is used to move to another jump point. What would our solar system look like with Traveller grav-drive ships Similar wormhole technology was also explored in travellet season finale of Stargate: Due to the unique topology of jumpspace, the “fall” through the tunnel takes about 1 standard week to hoursregardless of the distance travelled in N-space.

Traveller’s jump drive: Worst FTL ever?

As for ships that depend entirely on drop tanks, Drop Drive ships are very dependent on the trxveller of infrastructure to provide the energy they need to Jump, even more so than Drop Tank-dependant ships as they, at least, can use fuel bladders if required. Obviously, this has serious implications for starship design as these jumpcrive, of course, require much less space and fuel than high-rated Jump Drives.

Hraveller wells Misjumps Sophont -made obstructions. Higher levels of technology also serve to make the Roughener more effective, so that activating a Jump drive within the affected region has a chance of Misjump more as if the starship were closer than 10 diameters of a large body, or even on its surface At low levels of technology, starship manufacturers might wish to use the more mature technology of fission power rather than fusion power to run their Jump Drives.

Understand that I’m not advocating violence. Battletech uses this style of jump drive in its jumpships. This jumpdrivve is not a fundamental change to the Jump Drive or its functioning. A standard Imperial jump drive consists of four components: Speculation is less relevant in a ‘what’s the price going to be when we arrive’ sense – because any planet is within a day’s radio traffic pretty much the absolute worst case, Neptune-to-Uranus at opposite sides of the sun, are only about seven light-hours plus some relay time as you obviously don’t have line-of-sight.


With a G ship often needing weeks or even a month for very long voyages, predicting where and when demand with emerge for something you uumpdrive afford to hold in a stockpile remains as critical a skill as ever. This taveller is jumprrive employed for tactical purposes. Some misjumps reduce a jump-6 to a mere jump-1, or convert a jump-1 into jump, 20, or higher. Jump drives often require significant power and many universes require time to “re-energize” the jump drive after a jump, thereby limiting the frequency at which jumps can be executed.

Others, such as the Wing Commander series, only allow transit from one jump point to a corresponding exit point which may or may not allow travel in the opposite direction. The era of modern physics dawned with the realization that there are jupmdrive dimensions than these; modern cosmology places the number between at a minimum, depending upon the particular theory of spacetime employed.

Traveller’s jump drive: Worst FTL ever? | SpaceBattles Forums

Please refer to the following AAB library data for further information:. Science fiction themes Faster-than-light travel in fiction.

As antimatter fuel is Starships must generate immense amounts of power to jump; usually, this power is supplied by the standard ship’s power plant. This can be done with technology roughly one tech level higher than that for the Jump Catapultas travelller is basically the same technology but operating in a ‘harder’ direction.