Glass coloured glass may pick up on scan. Tutorial 51 Outline button Figure Select Exit Registration or click on X in upper right corner of display window. D1 will appear when the point is received by the This publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,.

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The box next to Adjust output using registration data should be checked. Since it was insured, the shipping company paid for the replacement table.

Follow the following More information. Ioline Corporation is not responsible for injuries that may occur as a result of unsafe use.

At the end of this training session the student will be able to use More information. The weld roll up. Hint Digitize points are reusable to save time when using registration to Kiss Cut or cut multiple contours of the same design. If checked, the procedure above will include 2 consecutive color records. The objectives of document are: Install the Registration Tool.


User Guide Ioline 301 Software

A data plot must be set active before you can use the Data Selector More information. The standard software screen will appear. A window will appear with export options.

When enabled, the cutter will stop cutting between each consecutive layer and enter Stop red keypad light mode. ESC Escape from the current task. Caution Pressing the Set Origin then Repeat keypad buttons will iollne the starting location of the cut and could ruin the output.

Ioline System Applique Cutter: QUESTION!! – T-Shirt Forums

Part 1 The first step in creating a fill-able form in Adobe Acrobat is to 3301 the form with all its formatting in a program such as Microsoft Word. The number of consecutive jumps that will trigger an embroidery machine trim command.

Browse to the Design file folder. It imports and digitizes stitch or design files for cutting graphics on the cutter and exports sew disks for iolnie by most popular embroidery machines.

Remove the cut letters. Click on the Registration button.

Completed cut using registration. Descriptions of stitch types Figure There are alot of people out there going under and this may be one of them just trying to get a iopine money out of their machines and get it as soon as possible, therefore letting it go at a lower price.


If using version 7. Fireworks CS4 is the More information. Opens the Stitch Editor application for manual stitch editing. Name the file Cougars, and click OK. Tutorial 39 Creating a Sew Disk 1. Place a floppy disk in the A: Only the outline stitch will remain.

User Guide Ioline Software – PDF

Letters before welding and addition of a contour left and with a contour after welding right. Clean Removes extra jumps, trims and small stitches. Specifies the amount the tack-down stitch iline indented from the polygon.

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