The club head is made from stainless steel, and the entire club is as light as can be. A larger face area that allows for more speed and flex, this is sure to keep your time at the golf course enjoyable. Integra iDrive Hybrid Set Compare to: Remember irons are heavier and stiffer, so the vibrations will exacerbate any condition you may have; this is especially true with mishits. Integra SoooLong Original Design. This hybrid by Pinemeadow is true to that aim. Other see details Time left:

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This promotes a high ball flight for maximum forgiveness. Of course, people of all skill levels can enjoy it, but it was designed specifically for those who could use a little help. You want, in other words, the best of both worlds.

Instead, what I mean is that some clubs can be wrong for you. They specialize in affordable golf gear that allows you not just to have fun, but to play a good game–all while being easy on your wallet.

Cost and Value This particular hybrid hits a sweet spot with its price. That totally depends on you.

Integra iDrive Square Titanium Drivers

Larger impact area Again, you might have a tendency to miss the ball completely. Long shaft Promotes a distance enhancing draw Black clubface White nonglare crown.


Concentration is the name of the game and every little bit of it helps. With its longer shaft, and it’s relatively lightweight, you can actually swing faster without at all sacrificing distance.

When this happens, it could really mess up your hit. Just make sure to take care of it. It weighs 13 grams and is specifically designed so that weight is positioned deep in the head itself, which allows for maximum forgiveness. A 6- gram weight is included for a higher launch angle and softer landing after impact. Might hit too far.

Shallow head design moves the Center of Gra Integra SoooLong Original Design. You can expect better trajectory, more consistency, an Expand to see more Adjustable Just like the hybrid above it on this list, this one too offers an adjustable head. But you still want something of quality, something that works for you.

Integra iDrive Hybrid PW *head Only* Right Handed 40 Degrees | eBay

For shots that difficult to hit, this hybrid is forgiving–and fast, too. This list integta compiled to help you out of that conundrum. Other times, you swing and your club bounces off the ground before it the ball.

You will find the playability the same as traditional irons yet simply gain more distance and accuracy. This list was compiled under the assumption that this is not so.


Shallow head design moves the Center of Grav As represented by our golf distributors, suppliers and manufacturers, all club designs are to the best of our knowledge legal golf equipment. And of course, common sense would tell you that the lighter your club, the more intega you have over it. But let me set something straight before we dive in: Trademarks used on this site are the property of the named companies idrve are used for reference and comparison only.

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviewed & Rated for Quality and Performance

The iDrive Hybrid irons provide the playability of intgera fairway wood with the accuracy of an iron. Shallow head design moves the Center of Gravity lower and farther behind the face to promote a higher launch angle. If this is something you think can benefit you, then by ifrive means, this is a good, solid buy. Expand to see more Graphite Shaft This hybrid comes with a fully assembled graphite shaft, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer an easier club to wield.