Suddenly, NVIDIA’s official company line is that no one is really opposed to higher frequencies and a little tweaking. Not only is the usability of the computer reduced, the maximum output resolution is also limited to either x or x depending on the encoder chip’s ability to scale the image. Sadly, unlike it’s original sibling, the Ti doesn’t feature video in functions which the original card provided via a daughter card with Philips SAAE processor. The card also stands out with it’s red colouring and decent bundle. VIVO on the Phillips chip. It uses DirectX 8 for it’s rendering and makes good use of the new features that came with version 8 of the multimedia API. Also, it’s worth noting that it was a straight run at the highest clocks possible.

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Installation via device manager was a simple matter of gainwadr the driver wizard to the directory where the drivers were located. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

It shows the card can go a gefotce2 higher depending on the work it is doing and we’ll see that in our other benchmarks. It’s nice to see explicit support for NT4 here since many manufacturers dont consider NT4 to a be a good gaming operating system and this is ostensibly a gamers card, however a large range of games work perfectly well, the majority being OpenGL gainwatd for which NT4 has always been a solid platform.


Review: Gainward Geforce 3 TI – Graphics –

Also increased card clocks should show discernable performance increases unlike Unreal Tournament. It is a real problem to choose between them as the geforve2 are equal. However, my estimate is subjective and depends on a certain card and on whether a monitor and a card get on. Verto GeForce3 Ti Suma: This year’s fall update saw only moderate changes, and the chips belonging to the Titanium series – the Ti and Ti – only differ from the original GeForce3 in memory and core speed. The Ti version further increases performance and Gainward have taken it that little bit further.

The GPU is worked extremely hard in Aquamark as the program is very heavy on its usage of pixel and vertex shaders for the effects. Untweaked out of the box performance is more than a match for any game at x resolution given the correct base platform.

Worth nothing is the performance baseline of the results at all card clocks. Asus V T5 Deluxe. It uses DirectX 8 for it’s rendering and makes good use of gedorce2 new features that came with version 8 of the multimedia API. ASUS’ solution is nontransparent, though, in that you have no real control over the level of overclocking.

NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January 2002

Here we come to the Gates of the Gainward Kingdom where golden samples hide. It’s a fast GPU with excellent features and runs all current games very well. A combination of core and memory clock increases are the key to high 3DMark scores.


You espect a 1 to 2 point increase per 1Mhz increase on the memory clock with such a card. Not quite a Radeon killer performance wise but very close in the real world. Radeon is also tasty Performance We’ll take a look at performance in 3 ways, a bit differently from usual. This shows us that increased memory bandwidth, whilst increasing performance, isn’t the most important factor. Nothing exciting but the performance is free.

Next up we have Quake 3. For estimation of 3D quality we used: Ignoring the Speed Limit Nowadays, buying video cards is no longer as spectacular as it used to be – aside from the very steep price. Asus V T2 Deluxe. This phenomenon is easily explained.

What was the best tech product of ? Getorce2 of the rendering performance in UT comes from the host processor since UT spends a lot of time on the CPU doing calculations for the world objects actors in UT-speak such as lighting and physics. Geforces and only Geforces everywhere Leadtek Titanium TD. Being a Gainward, as well as going a bit further with the clock speeds they also go a bit further than the norm in almost all areas.