Year of the Goat Archive Sold in the condition shown and described. Kailh Speed Copper Switch Keyboards Year of the Snake Archive Blue Cherry MX Switches Year of the Rabbit Archive Majestouch Convertible 2 TKL

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The functionality by which all the typed keys are recognized on the Clear Cherry MX Switches Maximum of four personal co You will never feel stress from fading letters that would make your keyboard crummy.

With no issues and free from major scratches and dents. On keuboard models a diode is soldered on the printed circuit for every key switch to prevent from counter currency.

Das Keyboard Keyboard Archive Red Cherry MX Keyboards Hall Effect Clicky Keyboards Blue Cherry MX Switches View Cart Contact Us.

Known as tactile, there is a very soft click as you reach the contact point. Now there are many keyboards that are designed for gamers are available. Maximum of four personal computers or devices may be connected and toggled randomly.


Sold in the condition shown and described. Gateron Blue Switch Keyboards Comes with Filco original colored wasd and esc key caps. Navigation keybooard Personal tools Log in.

Multi Cherry MX Keyboards Kailh Speed Bronze Switch Keyboards Hot Keys Project Keycaps New style of letter printing – front printing. Through a hole of each switch has been firmly soldered.

Filco Mechanical Keyboards

Royal Kludge Keyboard Archive Gray Cherry MX Switches Filco Majestouch is a line of high quality, well-priced kkeyboard developed and produced by Diatec. On the other hand, as the feature of this keyboard, front printing, is hard to look at the letters.

Ace Pad Tech Keyboards They use authentic Cherry MX switches and simply feel great to type on. Four DIP switches on the base let the user: Max Keyboard Keyboard Archive Matias Quiet Linear Keyboards With the light pressure spring, it makes typing action easy, fast and stress free. Gateron Black Switch Keyboards Matias Quiet Click Keyboards Kailh Speed Gold Switch Keyboards Year of the Rabbit Archive