This is the sort of thing I got. When the firmware of the second core is rewritten by the boot data S , the second core confirms the data was successfully rewritten by a checksum S Most people can’t program micros but for those who can it is trivial now that the protocol is knonw. The main boot sector 52 is always reserved in first flash ROM 33 a, and the virtual boot sector 54 is a sector that is created only temporarily in first flash ROM 33 a when in the rewrite mode. The first part of the shutdown shows just the ink level being read out, this is to check the same chip is there. The Intellidge have too many pads for this but I was hopeful. Furthermore, because the first core 21 saves the received rewrite firmware to DDR 23 , the capacity of the first RAM 32 a does not matter.

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At least until the various bugs or oversights are fixed.

I expected some power but no, the chips are only powered briefly when the are accessed. Note that both the reset process and instructing the printer 1 to reset may be executed by the startup boot portion.

SUMMARY One object of the invention is to provide a printer, and a firmware rewriting method enabling rewriting firmware in a short time in a printer having multiple processor cores.

The configurations of the cores 2122 are described next. I wrote code for the micro to act as a master for the chip. The host device sends updated firmware for updating rewriting printer firmware to the printer 1. Because the first core 21 receives first rewrite firmware and second rewrite firmware in a batch, the host device only needs rpson transmit the rewrite firmware to the printer 1 once.


Next, the first core 21 instructs the printer 1 to reset by the startup boot portion main upgrade program S Search Expert Search Quick Search. Or how to void your printer warranty on the internet. The interesting thing about this screen grab is the black cartridge is really only two thirds full. When a new core is added, firmware upgrades must be applied to each core. Next, the boot data elson program of the first core is saved to RAM Sthe firmware of the first core is rewritten by the boot data Sand the operation is checked with a checksum S System and Method for Testing a Software Product.

Epson SX105 Driver

Semantic processor for a hardware database management system. The present invention relates to a firmware rewriting method of rewriting firmware in eoson printer having multiple cores, and a printer. A printer having multiple processor cores, comprising: This application claims priority under 35 U. My experience suggests this may be an indicator of an ‘older printer’ no longer in support status.

The first core 21 is a processor core that executes main processes normal printing processes and writing processes of the printer 1and communicates with the host device using the first communication protocol USB.

The sector configuration is described below. The invention is also not limited to a printer 1and can be applied to any electronic device having multiple processor cores. The first epsonn 21 then sends the second rewrite firmware stored in DDR 23 to the second core 22 second RAM 32 b by the startup boot portion S The combination of any of these can achieve the described units. A logical interface for Intellidge is i2c i squared c or TWI two epsn interface.


The trace revealed all. Click for automatic bibliography generation. Obviously synchronous with bi-directional data, very short format. They hold other data as well. By thus using a double-boot configuration, this embodiment of the invention reduces risks associated with boot data write failures, and because there is no need to provide multiple permanent boot sectors in first flash ROM 33 a, space in first flash ROM 33 a can be used efficiently in the normal operating mode.

Smaller bits I need, weren’t available as such. The controller 13 is described in detail below.

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The updating rewriting process is therefore preferably completed as quickly as possible. Preferred embodiments of a firmware rewriting method and a printer according to the present invention are described elson with reference to the accompanying figures. After getting no sense out of two chips and confirming the printer couldn’t read them either I assume I’ve killed them.