Fix a4apanel64 crash on exit not that anyone would have noticed. Add support for 24bit packed PCM sample format vs. Do it like the rest of the Industry do: Add support for sample rates below But we still know where our buffers are, even after we submitted them to the WDM audio driver, right?

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More changes to the automatic latency compensation still work in progress. Fixed a minor memory leak that would have made about 4k of memory going stale whenever the audio engine is being restarted.

As long as it works it should be fine. This makes this mode somewhat usable in Cakewalk Sonar. Now i still have to resample everything in foobar to 48khz if i don’t want to change the sample rate setting in the driverpanel all the time. Post 7 of 8. The control panel now remembers the previous selection in the device tree view.

VIA Envy24 Family Audio Driver 5.60C

Crackles due to screen updates are virtually history now! For his outstanding contribution to the music community, he will be missed by many. Some minor improvements to the audio engine code.


Added a watchdog thread that is supposed to kick asko should the host audio engine use all of the CPU due to e. All the little things that I fixed during the last year and which to document I “forgot”.

Basically, this means an extension to the on-the-fly rate conversion capabilities. The rest, as well as the stuff mentioned above that has not yet become a trademark of Microsoft, Corp. The driver now generally also works under all user privilege levels down to and including the “guest” account. Some localizations are env2y4 in the pipe.

VIA Envy24 Family Audio Driver C Driver – TechSpot

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. SigmaTel High Definition Audio as also used on Intel based Macs should work now, hopefully making for a number of happy not just Boot- campers. Latencies now displayed for the preferred buffer size, if host elects to violate the spec.

Added a facility and desktop shortcut to launch the control panel off-line. Fixed a bug that caused no inputs being available with some USB devices. GUI moved into its own thread completly.

To add insult to injury, most newer AC97 codecs fall into that category e. Fix a bug in the device enumerator that under certain circumstances would prevent some devices from showing up in the device list. Changes since version 2. If only they could fix the asio somehow: Yes, my password is: Changing the sample rate in the host application should not cause erratic behavior anymore.


Fix several bugs in the x64 version that sort of would have kept it rnvy24 working under XP 64 almost entirely. Ever since Windows 7 OS, it’s not possible to do the auto-sample rate on the Windows Mixer direct sound. Half a year late, but a happy customer again!

WinXP ASIO support for VIA ENVY24 HT-S?

What is true, however, is the great amount of time and asil he spent helping other people with their audio hardware and software issues – including issues surrounding ASIO4ALL, at times. Installation over a previous version no longer resets the control panel settings to defaults.

This doesn’t fix anything.

Add overload detection and -recovery.