I will also add to the effort to encourage ID to provide more support. Good chorus, delays to settle painful but useful. It’s taking longer partly because Pro Tools was such a pain to work with and partly because I have so little time. Log in Become a member. Sun, 24 May

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For what it’s worth I looked into the compatibility issues of current chipsets which used bridged PCI vs slightly older systems that have genuine “native” PCI.

This is my computer configuration. It hasn’t been released yet, but Mike is working hard on it, and reports that in its current state, works with Protools and other DAWS.

This leads to performance and compatibility issues with new PCI interfaces as well as old ones.

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Hi Just to say that paris 2. Also, it lacks trim support for SSD disks, so they wear out faster.

So i will purchase it next time, to support Mike and Paris. Euu then yes and no. So thank you for your replay again! Mike, I can live with what I have now 3.


I do not like bugs, instability. And especially because it is not in Stand Alone it does not crash.

Someone wrote the driver for that? I will also add to the effort to encourage ID to provide apris support. Here you can find information on technical solutions implemented in this system bit fixed accmulateur 8 bits to the “overflow” to give a little leeway when it comes in red.

I’m also assuming that a new computer including Windows 7 will offer some advantage over my 12 year old computer which has decaying parts. May Senior Member Hi Kerry, thx for replay. I’m still running Paris on XP, but would like to try it on Windows 7.

The PARIS Forums: PARIS: Main => PARIS Win7/Win8 32/64 driver package available now!

I’m upgrading the store software, so I’m not actually sure if this works yet, but you can read about the driver and the installer here: I cannot install under win 7 64bit ultima any Paris Version V3. Log in Become a member. I really need to up the RAM running Slate and such.


December Member I like running Paris on win 7 pro Here’s a screen shot.

Contrary to the opinion of the Frog, it does not compress files, it is the PCM 16 or 24 bits that is stored on your hard drive extention.

Today there are a lot of very comprehensive software that has associated a sound card allow s’clat Therefore knowing these bugs around them. Mike, I sent ID some email yesterday. It is multi-mec capable,and is capable of I think.

Hi Stephen, You will have problems opening 3. Mike Report message to a moderator.

User reviews: Ensoniq PARIS – Audiofanzine

Mike, I would love to see your configuration as well when you have a minute. Ensoniq is pure, we like it or not. Anyway, for now it seems as if the new driver is seriously rock solid on both 64bit and 32bit windows.