You are able to use the disk space beyond 2 TB. Choose the Right Drive. I am in a hurry and need this clone ASAP, but I think the link to buy the software after “not detecting” the perfectly good drives is a shady business tactic, so I am reluctant to upgrade to the full version based on how sleazy the way it looks. If their drives were as bad as their software, computers would never have got off the ground. If you’re not happy, I would return the drive and go with another oem who offers better support.

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That’s the real issue here, not whether or not the OP knows about the risks of cloning. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! The “reset password” process has been sending me email to reset the password for an hour now and I still have not received the email.

Additionally, you may also be able to recover partitions and disks from the backup but be careful as the disc name might be changed after the recovery. I have SATA drives from every brand you can name, and none of them would work with the matching “base” software. If you intend to validate a backup manually, right click a backup file and select b.

Updated on Sep 11, stil not used it yet Updated on Sep 11, not used yet. I do not have the serial number for that software handy as I recall I uninstalled it because it didn’t do what I wanted at the time. Seagate and others bundle the OEM Acronis software with their product for the princely sum of zero pounds, euros, dollars etc. Sorry, take up your grievance with Acronis not with other users in this forum who have no means of resolving this for you. The backup process can be segregated into different levels based on the priorities, the Low setting will allow for a balanced performance, djscwizard Normal will equalize the resource consumption by Backup at par with other processes and the High process will run faster discwizar will result in more CPU usage causing other applications to lag.


Please visit Support Page at www. The support section, does say to contact seagate though.

Please download the new DiscWizard software to configure your drive to best meet your needs. I noticed that the dialog box telling me that the software needs one of those drives in order to install has a link at the bottom saying that I can upgrade to the full version without a drive restriction if I click the link and buy the software.

Now, when you buy an “Upgrade” license, it is assumed that you have a “base” software that you wish to upgrade.

DiscWizard | Seagate Support US

SSD Boost your performance. I mentioned above that once Discwuzard got tech support and was told there was nothing I could do but buy the full version, I asked for a refund and magically I was given a code to activate the software.

Some of you might want to take a look at Seagate Tools too. Just trying to explain how it is, despite how you feel it should be. I wish there was a way the OEM’s and Acronis could work it out so the free software included with the drives would be a full license to the most discwwizard version of True Image.

Using a hard drive larger than 2.


Advertisements or commercial links. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your discwizafd address will not be published. I have a complain that it does not provide good transfer speed while transferring files.


Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Acronis makes this clear with the oems and with their product documentation at the Acronis website.

DiscWizard – Free download and software reviews – CNET

Apart from this, Seagate DiscWizard lets you recover the data in many ways including creating a new disc under bootable dicwizard.

Once I was duped into buying the non-installable “upgrade”, I couldn’t just return the drive and get something else.

I made a new login so I could post here how frustrated I am with this experience. Support for Seagate DiscWizard users is provided by Seagate. We are users the same as yourself in these forums and do not have access to the Acronis systems used for user registration or licensing, so the advice we must offer is to open a Support Case directly with Acronis.

Recover Recover your files.

Play Enhance your gameplay. DiscWizard is useful in many ways, in fact it is one of the most comprehensive free tools available out there. As to the statement that the OP only needed the software for was to clone the drive – then I sincerely hope that he has no encounter with any subsequent hardware disdwizard, malware infections etc, as ATIH is much more than a means of cloning a drive – it is a full and comprehensive backup diswcizard capable of protecting his computer system and enabling an easy recovery from such failure scenarios.