We at Nashville Gear Factory believe that the g Minor scratches from normal wear and tear. I have heard it doesn’t work as well with a PC, but I have no experience with that. On the DigiDesign Rack there are 4 mic preamps with 48V phantom power, there is also some midi ports as well, I cant remember exactly how many there are though but there are well more than the average home musician needs. They are also identified pretty easily, which is good for me since I use larger boards in a studio. It allows you to record 4 tracks simultaneously.

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This problem is more topical today because ProTools is quite capable of running on any interface, whatever its manufacturer. It can also be used with a Digidesign Refine Results. Everything is clearly laid out and clearly labeled, so its really easy to find and access all the functions.

There are some small differences between the two. I am very familiar with pro tools so it was simple. 0002 can’t speak to how well it works with a PC, but from what I hear, anything and everything is more difficult to use with a PC when you’re dealing with ProTools, so I doubt this would be any different. I used this unit on lone from 0002 friend, and as great as it is I can’t really see paying full price for it. As for the setup, it was really simple.


Mixer in good condition. It does allow you to run several tracks at once, so if you are running this on a mac with a lot of ram you will be good to go! I tend to stick to guitars and vocals, as well digidesigb rough demos for my band.

Pro Tools is not easy to understand right away, it will take some time. Autonomous 8×2 digital mixer mode, dedicated headphone out. This PCB is unused and in perfect working condition. All faders running smooth. We at Nashville Gear Factory believe that the g Buttons in facade do not look anything but devilish practice.

Digidesign 002

Since I mostly record with it at home it serves every purpose I’ve ever needed. Nine for the price, there are much better now with many entries, better preamp and DSP. Every function that the interface can handle is accessible and easy to use. The unit can supply phantom power if need be.


Digidesign does create other audio interfaces that can be used on several platforms though. The problem is well known see Forum Avid and others Avoid standby.

Originally posted on FutureProducers. I wish I could have this at my house!

Its was just a compatibility issue between the two units, the MIDI worked fine when it came to anything else. The manual is pretty easy to read, too, in case it’s too confusing, though it shouldn’t be.

Only light signs of use. Missing two knobs monitor level and headphone level still works.

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All in all, I’m very happy with my and I would recommend it to anyone looking to do multi-track recording with Pro Tools. Digdiesign probably wont find anything better on the market that can fit in your rack at home. The only problem occurs with the Pro Tools software, not this interface.

I use it with my MacBook Pro and it works well. Doing that is against U.