The encoding methods are as shown below, depending on the combination of Bit 0 and Bit 1 settings. Therefore for this machine, parameter 10 has been changed to T0 timer and the default time out interval has been changed from 35 seconds to 55 seconds. The supply of electrical power to the motor is controlled inside the scanner driver PCB. Is the trouble resolved when the fixFixing assem3 ing assembly is replaced? Functions Item Types of document Max.

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Overview The cassette feeder is equipped with a pick-up sensor PSwhich monitors the pick-up and feeding function.

Gently move mirror1 mount manual2 NO Clean the scanner rail ly. Registration sensor stationary jam for multi-feeder pick-up In the case pc, multi-feeder pick-up, if, after the multi-feeder pick-up solenoid SL has come ON from the second or subsequent sheet pick-up, the preceding paper has not left the registration sensor PS after approx. Is the trouble resolved when the YES End scanner motor is replaced?

Do not store in a location that is very dusty or filled with ammonia or organic solvent fumes. Detects whether there is paper present in the multi-feeder. When the jumper plug JP3 is removed, all the data recorded in the control memory are erased. The signal which has undergone cannon conversion at the light receiving unit is output separately as even number pixels and odd number pixels, and is transmitted to the CCD drive circuit.

The data stored in the control memory will be reset to the factory settings. If, during the retry pick-up operation the pick-up sensor does not come ON within approx. Fixing unit inlet guide Fixing unit 3 Is the trouble resolved when paper recommended by Canon is used?


GP – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon Europe

The supply of electrical power to the motor is controlled inside the scanner driver PCB. Cartridge Cover 8 Close the printer assembly cover, push it back into the main unit, and close the front cover. When errors occur frequently in receiving due to RTN signal output errors, raise these parameters and ease the RTN signal transmission conditions. NO Replace the faulty sensor. Check the pressure nip width of the fixing pressure roller This machine has no adjustment mechanism for the fixing assembly nip width.

When changing the image processor PCB or the lithium battery, or while the power switch is off, when removing the jumper plug JP3 located on the image processor PCB, please make sure to print out the following lists prior to removing the jumper plug. When 8MB expansion memory has been installed, also checks the expansion memory area.

It does not store the cankn data from the usage of the memory copy function. After this list is printed, the system automatically deletes the stored management information. Do not store in extremely high or low temperatures or humidity, or in a location which experiences dramatic changes in temperature or humidity.

Canon GP160 Toner Cartridge Black 1500A003AA

Is the toner being developed on the drum surface? If it is ing roller scratched, replace it. Has too much paper been set in the NO Reset the paper. CCDmay be changed when adjusting the image position, but do not adjust any other item settings. By means of the bias switching signal DPI from the CPU, the output voltage from the positive bias generation circuit and negative bias generation circuit switches over.


If the roller is worn or misroller.

Canon GP160

When removing the tape, place it on a flat level surface, and hold the cartridge firmly. Genuine Canon toners such as GP toners are designed specifically to match the technology of Canon machines aiding the smooth running of every stage in the Printing Process.

Be sure to not press down on the paper width guide. Changes over to the fax mode. The paper in the tray is lifted up by the lifter plate and pressed down by the multi feeder pick-up roller. These are the detection timings for each cassette feeder: The information in the table above is only an estimate, and may be revised in the light of empirical data. If errors continue to occur, change this bit.

Accordingly, when the jumper plug JP3 is to be removed, make sure the control data have been printed out.