That’s somewhere in Picked one of these up today off of Ebay. Minor scratches do to normal play. Bridgestone has long been known for their high quality clubs and superior array of performance golf balls. Read more July 9, By Kathryn Draney. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Subscribe.

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The J38 series has the same variable bounce technology that the West Coast line featured last year. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

This grind creates low bounce areas in the heel and toe of the club allowing for a more versatile wedge. Custom options will be available as well.

J38 Fairway Wood

Like most companies today, Bridgestone has ditched the chrome look and gone with the popular black oxide bridgestoone. Posted 06 June — Posted 15 January — The. Driver in good condition. Discover the magic of the Internet. A full set of golfing equipment irons, driver, bag, buggy, balls, etc will.

I haven’t hit Not a fan of there drivers, but there Irons are one of a kind! The J38 is made from soft heat treated mild carbon steel and incorporates a milled face. Why are there no values shown for this golf club? Too many companies are creating clubs that look more like a billboard than a golf club.


Whatever concerns I had about brisgestone able to spin the ball out of the rough were quickly dismissed. Popularity – views, views per day, days on eBay.

J38 Cavity Back Irons

It makes for a very classy wedge. We recently had the opportunity to test and photograph the new conforming J38 wedge line from Bridgestone Golf. You must be logged in to post a comment. View Details View Details. Bridgestone has long been known for their high quality clubs and superior array of performance golf balls.

Bridgestone Precept J38 Black Oxide Wedge –

Showing 64 results pdecept bridgestone from eBay, Etsy and other sellers. Golf fitness determines your potential. While Bridgestone Corporation has its roots as a tire company, its experience and expertise in rubber has spread to a variety of industries, including sports.

Minor scratches do to. I purchased an Adams 12 degree driver with senior shaft and could not be happier with performance,hitting straighter with a lot more height, Best ebay golf shop for new gear. TaylorMade R9 Fujikura Speederdegrees. What is the word on Bridgestones irons, specifically the new J38’s?


Testing shots with the face wide open, closed, from buried lies, and from a flat surface were all met with great bridgesfone. I have played Bridgestone J38 irons for a year now.

For many years, professional players perpetuated the Please note, this does not necessarily mean the golf club has no value! How does golf compare to other high-intensity sports, The J38 brings us back to a time where a brand, model, and loft were enough. An oversized cc club head designed for golfers seeking maximum driver distance and forgiveness Item discovered at test. The PGA Value Guide provides additional information about the number of transactions a value is based on as well bridgestoje the most recent transaction date.

These factors contribute to the accuracy of value information and should be factored into your assessment.