If you had a proper CSR support contract…. I think the point is to wirelessly update firmware of a micro controller at a reasonable price. About Me lizard43 United States View my complete profile. I already had two cheap USB bluetooth dongles to choose from. CSR also runs usenet newsgroups which are available to general public. As you can see, both modules look very similar. Which one to use is controlled by the keys in the persistent store area.

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Could my chip have a simple serial interface?

Niels Brouwers 12 January, There is an alternative firmware floating around that turns it into a bluetooth sniffing device. The pin-out is identical with those on the module.

It would be great to read something more about that theme. Both of these keys were depreciated in HCI firmware These are 4Mbit 3. Set it according to the baud rate choosen, i. Put two modules in your car, one on the front and one in the back and triangulate your approach angle based on bc22 difference?

Programming Micros With Impossibly Cheap Bluetooth Adapters

Suprisedly, as it turned out, both modules were running the same old version of firmware – build 0x which is HCI bluetooyh Time in milliseconds the other end of communication link requires to wake up before it gets ready to receive the data. This very simple libraries just wraps to OS syscalls provided in sources without any license at all and builded with gcc on the first run.


There are proprietary IDE named Bluelab exists for writing module firmware. Only thing I failed to resolve is correct detection of moving to the car for automatic unlocking when I come closer straight to the car and not when I just pass near.

You can determine approximate distance or at least direction of travel with RSSI. In short — module runs some kind of OS. Especially, in case Atmega can be replaced with module.

Video Technology: Dissection of Ambicom Bluetooth CF card

You have to register on CSR site to download it. These are minor issues and probably could be patched quite easily, but I decided to give Affix a try and see how it would fire up against BlueZ By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

The number of retries for BCSP packet retransmission. As you can see, both modules look very similar. While following up on your links I found this other project also writing custom firmware for the CSR chips, which seems like a HaD-worthy project in itself: RX rate delay LSB 9: The only thing you need is to write bc21 own software for the module and flash it.


Alex Stepman Cell phone jammer. It’s calculated by the following formula: The function of module completely depends on what is running in this virtual machine.

Buck Up Chinny: USB Bluetooth to Serial

Being curious as of why this is happening, I’ve tried to dig it out, and after a few hours of debugging it turned out that Affix code is very sensetive to gcc code generation options. I spend less than an evening to make my module blink a LED with my own firmware. If you had a proper CSR support contract….

BC2 chip itself and a companion flash memory chip. Email required Address never made public. But OS image can be easily downloaded from the module itself! Here’re a few examples: