You can find out what this is by operating via the GAPI software, and changing the Image Format on the menu to the right. Kyle [hidden email] On Tue, Jul 28, at 5: To make your vision application future-ready, simply rely on our high-performance industrial cameras with the latest CMOS sensors: Clever height measurement with calibrated light section sensors — PosCon HM. Application Report — Spinneret inspection with automated image processing. Is there a way to check or ensure that Micromanager is gaining access and appropriately changing these camera settings through the Baumer Optronic Adapter? Any more questions let me know.

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Industrial cameras

Thanks to the decisive advances of higher speeds and lower noise, CMOS sensors have been firmly established with their groundbreaking sensor technologies, superseding CCD sensors in many areas of industrial image processing. Free forum by Nabble. Format adjustment Display and adjustment of position of stops and formats in machines and systems. However, when imaging using live view, the image format changed appropriately as can be determined with the frames per second increase to what would be expected for the appropriate image format.

It’s unclear to me what steps you have tried taking, so apologies if baume advice is redundant. However, I have never been able to image faster than Chris Weisiger [ [hidden email] ] Sent: Sorry I camear clear on what I had tried all ready.


Not sure if it was the adapter or something else, but just bzumer you’re aware.

After selecting the Image Format, an error is generated. Products Object detection Object detection Sensors, proximity switches and light barriers for object and position detection.

New generation universal temperature transmitters FlexTop und How can I enable Micromanager to adjust camrea camera settings accordingly as well? BOImplementationThread is found around line Sometimes, I would like to image with the image format that is bit non HQ image because I am able to image at 21 fps in this image format.

Industrial cameras | Image processing / identification | Baumer

Flexible parameterization and additional data with IO-Link. Kyle [hidden email] On Tue, Jul 28, at 5: My guess is that the -Binning property in micromanager changes this “FormatId” from 1 to 5 when you select a binning of 2, from 1 to 9 for a binning of 3, and from 1 to 13 binning of 4, etc Being new to the Micromanager community, I am still getting familiar with where things are. We do have a GitHub account; however, that is primarily intended to host the MM 2.

Kyle On Iptronic, Aug bsumer, at You optromic also want to check the stability of this adapter before you commit to using it. Technical Report — Industrial cameras particularly designed for robotics.


If it might be of use to someone else searching the archive for half-arsed coding workarounds I hope this helps.


Chris- Thanks for your response. I’m not sure how to reliably trace the error and fix it.

It looks like for the build I need FxApi. From memory Virtual Studio will ask for them when it’s compiling, so you’ll know what to copy cameea.

You can probably do a file compare to determine all the locations I added code, and I’ll try to outline them below. In the camerq browser, I can see: I believe that answers one of my questions.

Micro-Manager – Baumer Optronic Leica Camera Adapter

Otherwise, I think I’m going to have to find another solution for my imaging application. Angus, On Mon, Jul 27, at You can then compile this source code into a single device adapter check Chris’ links for detailed information on that. Kyle Hansen [ [hidden email] ] Sent: