Illustrations are provided to help you quickly become familiar with the printer. Loose the screws at both sides and rotate counter-clockwise: Water or spit should be kept away in case of corrosion on heating elements. Do not connect this pin if you use a general host such as a PC. Transmission Problems If the host shows “Printer Time out” 1. Once it happens, rotate counter-clockwise control knob of ribbon supply, to increase ribbon tension to balance the tension.

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Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8. Making a Barcode Reader Form 1.

To enable Cutter function, set by the LCD panel 30 Adjust Position of Label Sensor Function of the label sensor is to detect the gap, notch, or holes of labels, to help the printer for accurate print positions and label length.

This section can be referred to, for X-Series to use transfer thermal printing.

Argox X Industrial Label Printer.

The following installation steps are based on X as an example. In Dump mode, all characters will be printed in 2 columns: Push down the peel-off mechanism release lever and lead the media under the peeler module.


The driver should now be installed. Turn on the printer; download 2000v form from PC to printer. The emulation is a printer programming language through which the host can communicate with your printer.

Insert the ribbon roll onto the ribbon supply spindle. After media calibration is finished, printer stores settings into its flash.

Seagull Argox X-2000v PPLB Free Driver Download (Official)

Make sure the LEDs are not blinking and remember to resend your files. It decides which setting method – by command or by LCD panel, is prior. Rotate the control knob clockwise to increase ribbon tension; rotate it counter-clockwise to reduce ribbon tension. Lift the top cover and front access door to expose the media compartment.

The XV is an industrial-strength barcode printer that is easy to adjust and delivers excellent cost-performance. Printing job will start until the temperature of TPH goes down. It also badly handles the situation where a printer driver is already in use by a Windows application.

Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Cleaning 2000 Roller Using a cotton bud moistened with alcohol, clean the roll and remove any attached glue.

Argox X |

Command Library Command Library V4. Printer Utility, Font Utility. Loose the three screws from Arhox Bracket and then remove Tear Bracket. Press and hold the FEED button while turning on the power. Turn the head latch counter-clockwise and open the bracket. Even though the “Add Printer Wizard” is from Microsoft, it too easily performs a number of tasks incorrectly when updating existing drivers.


It is intended solely for the information and use of parties operating and maintaining the equipment described herein. Once it happens, rotate counter-clockwise control knob of ribbon supply, to increase ribbon tension to balance the tension.

If there are any items missing, please contact your local dealer. Another way is to turn off printer power, and then restart printer. For technical and pin-out information, ppplb refer to the Technical Reference in this manual.

Printer performs Auto Calibration after printing the first label, if label height differs from parameters in printer’s flash. The adjusting steps are as follows: Click Cancel and do not install the driver using this wizard.