I have a Movistar Home Station installed. And it does not work with Portal Alexandra. Installation guide User manual How to access the modem There are actually two ways to access this router: I also tried it in compatibility mode. I have changed the routers web access IP to I have called Movistar about this. Everything works with dyndns.

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Configuration data of Spanish broadband providers What you need to know is: Does anyone have a suggestion if I have missed some configuration or is the phone not compatible with the router. Does anybody know if this router is IPv6 capable, I am trying to set up a home station on my 2 computers running Windows 7 and this is the only point outstanding? I said a while ago I would report on the use of Smart DNS — I subscribed earlier in the year and now have the DNS Server addresses in the router so any device connecting to the internet through it appears to be in the UK — the thing about it is that it just works.

Home Station Amper ASL Router – Movistar

Could anyone point me in the right direction before I go waste money on buying more equipment? I am trying to use this router instead of my telffonica router with was supplied by Orange which is useless. Fiber connections in February 4 Feb, Modem should download the latest firmware after the reset.


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Eventually an engineer was sent, he said that I was only contracted for 1Mb hence the 0. My current ISP is orange and I just want to swap the router completely. Am;er nothing happened.

Movistar Homestation Amper ASL | Broadband in Spain

On this page you can see various statistics about your ADSL-line, amoer example how fast your connection is Downstream. I also have a download speed of 0.

Thank you Sam… By doing this will it automatically make the second router act as a repeater? The solution here would be to purchase a wireless range extender that will increase the coverage of your wireless network. That should do it.

What is the Moviestar outgoing mail setting? And I hate it when I am not able to work with every nuts and bolts of my hardware just because providers want to restrict you from it. Nobody seems to be able to give me definite information. It says the password is a mismatch.


I just moved to Spain for a longer vacation. Status This page tells you if the connection is working and your connection IP-addresses blurred. I have to check this.

Home Station Amper ASL 26555

The problem is I receive packets but cannot send packets I hear people I call but they cannot hear me. As the aerials do not unscrew to allow a bigger aerial do you have any ideas how this signal can be telefonia please? By default the ip address is And then the default password does not work.

Modem-router provided by Movistar. Thank you Sam I would appreciate it. Write here on comments or drop me a line on info adslinspain. You should be able to see and access the external device through your Network. Everything works with dyndns. The other method gives you more telefoniac to change the configuration.