The next runner-up in our list is the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, and if you look at the numbers, it wasn’t even a close contest: It had no problems streaming video from the Web from paid services such as NBA. All of its ports, buttons, and switches are located on its left, right, and top edges—the orientation lock is on the top; the power and volume buttons and headphone jack are on the right; and the single full-size USB 3. It’s the sort of thing you’ll notice in desktop mode, when framing photos or even flicking through the Start Menu. It’s a shell of aluminium that houses a point, capacitive touchscreen and, at

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As it turns out, we like it quite a bit, and we think you might too, but you’ll have to get past some surface flaws in order to truly appreciate it. We thought we’d have a hard time considering how small everything is because of the high resolution, but we rarely made any major mistakes with our taps and we enjoyed using it a lot.

In particular, we found the inch Toshiba Satellite Ut has poor build quality on top of all those other issues q700, along with short battery life and loud fan noise. Acer 64GB Iconia Acsr It’s the sort of thing acee notice in desktop mode, when framing photos or even flicking through the Start Menu. Windows 8 The W features the Windows 8 operating system.

This has implications for the tablet’s size, weight, battery life, and performance—does the W strike the right balance, or will we have to keep on waiting to get a good high-performance tablet? Most other Core i5 tablets don’t have that going for them. The good news is that it’s fast, even among Windows 8 PCs, and offers surprisingly long runtime.


Display problem on Acer Iconia W

To some extent, the displsy selection is the culprit: Be the first to review this item. These wide angles allow you to easily view details and colours properly, even while holding the tablet upside-down or in portrait mode — you have to get to a really wide angle in order to notice any paleness. AcerCloud, meanwhile, is less crapware; it’s Acer’s unlimited cloud storage service, which allows you to use iOS and Android apps to access your content remotely.

So, the quirky design doesn’t rise to the level of a dealbreaker, but we do hope that Acer reconsiders the keyboard dock as it designs the inevitable follow-up product. This helps if you just want to just use the tablet as a screen on which to watch videos, and it also aceg in very s700 if you want to turn the tablet into a ‘desktop’ computer.

We had no problems at all using Windows 8’s swipe-in gestures, the Start screen, or even just poking around the Windows Desktop. Specifically, we got seven hours and 13 minutes of runtime after looping a video off the local disk with WiFi on and the brightness fixed at 65 percent. Why not get a more traditional-looking touchscreen Ultrabook that can morph into a slate when you need it to?

And how does that Core i5 processor fare, anyway? However, its supplied cradle and docking options could be much better — you only get a couple more USB ports when you dock it. Its dual cores run at a stock speed of 1. Pros Well-builtSurprisingly long battery lifeFast performance, runs coolAttractively priced. If that’s true, then the W’s aceg life would seem that much more exceptional: The W’s speedy processor means that it needs more battery and cooling than most ARM tablets, and it shows in the tablet’s size and weight: As with the Surface RT, we expect we’ll enjoy the Surface Pro’s sturdy kickstand and comfy typing experience.



Review: Acer’s Iconia W700 is an Ultrabook in a tablet’s body

It’s a stand that can be removed so that it can be repositioned when you want to use the tablet ww700 portrait mode. There’s no battery inside the dock, and the keyboard is a standalone product; you’ll have to pack it separately if you decide you need it on a trip.

It would also be much more useful with an SD card slot and an adjustable stand. Here, though, the keys aren’t squished into a keyboard dock meant to fit a inch tablet; it’s more expansive, with no shrunken or undersized keys.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. One thing’s for sure, though: Then there’s the bundled faux-leather case, which fits the tablet only. With some tinkering of the power management settings, and with a manually-set low brightness level, this tablet might be able to last an entire work day on its battery although if you’re using it in the office, you’ll be near an outlet anyway. Colors were usually pleasing, and we even had a little bit of luck in harshly lit situations.

On board, we have Amazon. The metal casing helps to disperse some of the heat that’s generated by the CPU, in turn making the unit a little warm to hold, but it never got uncomfortably hot.