When you are using one antenna model, connect the extended antenna directly to the antenna screw in the rear panel. A pair of APs operating under Bridge mode to act as the bridge that connect two Ethernet networks or Ethernet enabled clients together. Type the firmware file that you need to upgrade inside the dialog box, or press the Browse or Sfoglia button to find the firmware file location. Selecting the 64bit or bit for the key size of the Minimum 12dBm typically

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This manual helps to features the innovating wireless technology that can help you build a wireless network easily! Fix the direction of the antennas. To an unintended receiver, DSSS appears as low power wideband noise and is rejected ignored by most narrowband receivers.

Press Upgrade button to proceed the upgrade procedure. Easy to be installed and fast and flexible, with Wireless Multi-Function Access Point there is no more obligation for a fixed s54 place: A pair of Wireless Multi-Function APs operating under Bridge mode to act as the bridge that connect two Ethernet networks or Ethernet enabled clients together.

If they are not, verify that you are using the proper cables. Please keep this manual for future reference. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Manufacturer and its authorized resellers or distributors will assume no liability for any damage or violation of government regulations arising from failing to comply with these guidelines.


In the Control Panel, double-click on Network and choose the Configuration tab.

Driver And Utility Installation – Atlantis Land AUP-W54 Quick Start Manual [Page 5]

In figure an example of configuration. WLAN networking can wirelessly transmit and receive data, minimizing the need for wired connections, at a speed of up to Fifty-four megabit per second.

Frequency Range Frequency Band: CE in which Countries where the product may be used freely: In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio interference, in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.

Spread Spectrum technology is a wideband radio frequency technique developed by the military for use in reliable, secure, mission-critical communications systems. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

Also, keep the box kp packing materials in case you need to ship the unit in the future. In this case, you should contact your vendor. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

When there are security function enable, it will show check sign or q02 on the left side of the screen. The energy levels of these yp however are far much less than the electromagnetic energy emissions from wireless devices like for example mobile phones. This is the channel selection of each country regulatory domain. Change your AP radio channel within the range of 3 channels to scan the AP that you want to connect.


The channels differ from country to country; select the channel to be used. Point the selections in the left side of the menu screen. The best place for your AP is usually the center of your wireless network, with line of sight to all of your mobile stations.

If the Wireless Multi-Function Access Point is too hot, turn off the power immediately and have a qualified serviceman repair ul.

Atlantis Land Wireless Turbo USB Adapter A02-UP1-W54 User Manual

Use only hard-wired network connections. This means that there are about as many methods of WEP encryption as there are providers of wireless networking products. Interference occurs when radio signals from different access points overlap causing interference and degrading performance. On the hardware side, as with Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology, it has the inherent security feature of scrambling. In addition, WEP is not completely secure.

If you s02 to have problems you should contact the dealer where you bought this device. In case electrical shutdown, during this procedure, this product could be not usable.