Performance-wise, it’s similar to the TNT. Send to a friend. The bit graphics engine guarantees exceptional game play, while programmable gamma tables optimize image-quality for both text and image-based applications. But solution was mostly known from low-cost and low-quality boards without separate memory. Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3D-Mark99 test suite for comparisons to view in full size, click on pictures: Retrieved from ” https:

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This shows how powerful 3D-NOW! Below is a graph comparing the bit colour performance drop compared to bit colour using Quake Only item I feel missing is a refresh-rate selection on this menu. Mainly looks likes blasetr spruced up version of nVidia’s Tweak page. That’s very fluent for a 32MB texture. MS Windows 98 Build 4.

Creative NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Ultra (CT6870) 32 MB AGP 1x/2x Graphics adapter

Find us on youtube. Ok, here’s the board inspection area. Game-2 Same as the above remark. Though I’ve not verified this, as Tht2 don’t have one, I hope someone is able to try this out and let everyone know. Even if you live in Argentina and can’t figure out which one to use, the database is so huge it lists out plenty of countries and their supported systems.


Creative Technology Creative Technology Ltd.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra graphics card – TNT2 Ultra – 32 MB Series

This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat These are the contents of the package: It looks very similar or it is using the rica design from nVidia but in any case it’s about the same as the old TNT boards.

Read time 3min 00sec. C reative Technology Ltd. The PCB is of the usual Creative standard but the box says that it’s using a newer heat-dissipating design. Game-1 Same as the above remark.

RIVA TNT2 – Wikipedia

The fan they provided wasn’t always running, in the sense that I sometimes needed to give it a push to make it spin. The supplied drivers on the CD are old as usual, so I downloaded Creative’s drivers from the web for testing its utilities and then downloaded the newer nVidia’s Detonator drivers 1.

Same as the former test. Creative Technology jgarrett soundblaster.

GeForce 8 9 I’ve seen so many reviews comparing the bit and bit colour differences and the only that they always show that bit colour is better is by magnifying the snapshot quite a bit!

GeForce 2 4 MX. Going to the Shortcut Manager, it looks very similar function-wise to a Canopus Launcher.

The performance drop is quite small as you can see from the graph and this is something you can be assured of with riv TNT2. With multi-texturing which nVidia improved a little over here in the TNT2 ,you can see a nice linear increase between each of them. During its time, Bpaster has already been producing 0. I mean I tried playing the same track at least 5 times in either colour depth and I can’t find that ‘bit’ of difference and I really looked hard!


Then progressively add a card at a time to help the board smooth out the resources. The TNT2-Ultra is still going strong here! All looks right over here but just note how much gain you get by overclocking your video card Game For lower speed CPU’s e.

Some games also had exclusive 3D features when used with Glide, including Wing Commander: Ntt2 been running almost every video card successfully in my Super-7 combo for quite a while now and if there has been any compatibility issue, I would have addressed them in my reviews, but I still see many queries.