Loading ndiswrapper and b44 in correct order modprobe -r b44 modprobe -r ssb modprobe ndiswrapper modprobe b44 exit 0 STEP 3: Any help that any of you can give me with this would be hugely appreciated. How hard is this to set up and how hard is it to use? Ok, reboot don’t bring up your wired card and pass along some outputs please use tags: If the card is being recognised then you should be fine there. R R as for bpci-bridge that’s the new b43 module that replaces bcm43xx in the 2. Also, if you have a WiFi hotkey, it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

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It is almost like it refuses to work with it. Ok, firstly I’ll apologize, I’ve changed the How-To on you! This required a hard powerdown and reboot to correct.

What happens if you run: Download this Setup Installation program EXE to automatically update all the files necessary for installation. Am sitting near to router. I just like to do it the fancy way! Yeah, that’s an issue with network-manager, rather than a driver issue. If it’s compiled into your kernel, recompile without it, if it’s there as a module, blacklist it, the same applies for b43 the replacement of bcm43xx: It seems that you just mis-typed the first command.


The wl module is a new addition and is intended for the chipset, but there have been reports of it also being loaded for the chipset it doesn’t appear to work at 431, however.

Something like that anyway. My wifi light is on and I still can’t connect. Post everything here so I can have a look at it. For more information, see interfaces 5. Just a point worth noting You may need to download firefox ESR. Unloading and reloading b44 also breaks the wired interface if I boot having commented out all the changes from the howto.

What kind of antivirus do you get for it? I think you should start 431 new thread in the BC linux forum.

After reboot wired broadcomm card stopped working. The latest version is available from the Hardy repositories which is a rather nice change for those of us who are used to the need to recompile 144e on every kernel change!

Installing Windows XP on a Compaq F Laptop

Thank you for the help Yep, compiling was to be the next resort. Just curious about the initramfs — if you dont have a broadcom wired nic card — is the ssb module loaded?


Thanks your for help, btw. I got it working but after a minor?

Broadcom(HP) 4311BG (BCM4311KFBG) Wireless Mini-PCIe Card Windows Driver

The final place you should examine is your driver CD or the manufacturer’s web page. I am posting my first post from a Linux platform. Cons It requires additional downloading, and the item is a driver, which means I have to be online to get the driver, that puts me online, so I cannot use it 1e44 not the full driver, waste of time. I’m having an issue with ndiswrapper. The problems you’re seeing are fairly symptomatic of a weak signal.

Troubleshooting same before and after a reboot: This driver wrapper is only available for use on the x86 and x architectures Debian i and AMD64 ports respectively. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron so slightly different — the card is a Did I skip a step in the How-To?

EXE so the unzip command did not 14e until I did a list of the files in the directory and saw the case change on the EXE.