THE WALKING DEAD VOL. A LARGER WORLD Writer: Robert KirkmanArt: Charlie AdlardColors: Cliff RathburnPublished: June 6, Diamond ID. The Walking Dead, Vol. 16 has ratings and reviews. Alejandro said: The Waking Dead's world gets bigger! This is the sixteenth volume of. Shop for The Walking Dead Volume 16 at the Skybound store!


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A Larger World Walking dead volume 16 Volume The colony appears to be even safer than Alexandria, but the group soon learns that the people of the Hilltop Colony have some very dangerous enemies. Contents [ show ] Plot Synopsis The following events take walking dead volume 16 after a few weeks Carl Grimes has woken up from his coma and Nicholas gives up on the thought of taking over the Alexandria Safe-Zone from Rick Grimes.

Rick and the others are complaining about the food problem, we learn it has been almost two years after the zombie apocalypse began.

The Walking Dead, Vol. 16: A Larger World

Carl and Sophia are walking dead volume 16 time on the couch, and Sophia tells Carl she isn't afraid anymore. She knows her parents are dead and it makes her feel happy when she pretends Glenn and Maggie are her parents.

Andrea tells Rick he needs her.

Rick says the relationship would never work, and everyone he has loved has died. Andrea finally stops talking to Dale 's hat, pretending he's still alive.

Volume 16: A Larger World

Glenn's squad gets back from the journey for food. Aaron is worried about a bottle of alcohol Eric found, but still forgives its presence.


Carl is reading a book in his bed, and Rick comes in. Rick recommends he switch the lamp off, because it's using too much power. Rick asks Carl if his "eye" hurts.

Carl says it's not an eye anymore, it's just a walking dead volume 16 in his face. Carl says Rick doesn't know anything, and Carl yells at him saying he doesn't know how gross is it to see himself in the mirror. Rick apologizes to Carl, and agrees with him.

Volume A Larger World | Walking Dead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Meanwhile, someone is watching the Walking dead volume 16 Safe-Zone through binoculars. The unnamed overseer takes a flare gun out of his pocket. Carl wakes up, and tells his father he had a nightmare.

In the dream he killed a kid, which is possibly a reference of him killing Ben.

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Rick doesn't get any sleep and goes to Olivia 's house for coffee. Unfortunately they have run out of coffee and Glenn's group didn't manage to find any to bring back with them. Abraham is going outside, and tells Rick he's taking only walking dead volume 16 Michonne with him.

Abraham and Michonne leave the Safe-Zone. Michonne tells Abraham she's lonely, and Abraham says she can come to his and Holly 's place whenever she wants.

The Walking Dead, Vol. A Larger World by Robert Kirkman

After killing a couple of zombies, the armed overseer shows himself. Michonne puts her katana in front of the overseer's face, which doesn't please him. After a minor fight, the overseer displays very good self-defense skills and takes Abraham as a hostage. He tells Michonne to walking dead volume 16 their leader, Rick.


walking dead volume 16 Rick arrives and the overseer introduces himself as Paul Monroe, commonly called Jesus. Paul tells them he is from a community called Hilltop Colonyand he lives there with about survivors.

Paul is surprised that Rick and his people thought they were the only living ones left in the new world.


Paul explains to Rick that their community would like to trade and communicate with other communities.

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