Trust Us, We're Experts! How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future. Sheldon Rampton, Author, John Stauber, Joint Author Penguin. The book that unmasks the sneaky and widespread methods industry uses to influence opinion through bogus experts, doctored data, and manufactured facts. Trust Us, We're Experts PA and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber are the bestselling authors of Weapons of Mass Deception, Toxic Sludge Is Good for You!, Banana Republicans, and Trust Us, We're Experts! Start reading Trust Us.


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From spin doctors with dubious credentials to think tanks that do everything but think and scientists who work backwards to engineer desired experimental results, Rampton and Stauber present an astonishing compendium of alleged abuses of the public's willingness to believe. Particularly sobering is their summary of the historical use of ""experts"" by the tobacco and trust us we re experts industries, which, they reveal, have suppressed and manipulated information in order to slow industrial reform.

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Secondly, the authors also fail to recognize that they themselves face the same scrutiny themselves when the reader, having become more aware of the techniques by reading this book, starts applying them to the words used here and finds it wanting.

For instance, these editors seem to believe it's fair to cite experts, insert quotes, get the reviews of people who are only incidentally involved in the case, use literary devices, dismiss the public as stupid, and say that their opponents are complaining because they're receiving trust us we re experts attention, but flip the players and suddenly the same tactics are dubious, maliciously dastardly deeds employed by a death squad.

Trust Us, We're Experts - Wikipedia

In one instance, the authors pointed out that they had inserted quotes from famous people on the back of their book in the hopes that more people would buy it. As this occurred early on, I hoped that that the authors were self-aware that they used the same tactics, and that they would continue to admit this while moving on.

trust us we re experts

Instead, this was the only "lampshade hanging" of the book. It would seem that after some initial self-doubt, the authors gained moral certainty that their cause was just and that no explanation or admissions would be ethical, needed or even warranted.


Third, the book could use an editor. I can't count the number trust us we re experts lists that name various companies trust us we re experts are connected to a certain firm. In the best traditions of grab-bag "round up the usual suspects" literary devices, the lists often include the same cast of evil companies and corporations connected to various industries, such as Monsanto, Exxon-Mobile, RJ Reynolds, McDonald's, and Republicans.

This is a transparent maneuver done to paint the associated firm, be it a lobbying or publicity company, as a servant of the odious - but the very same maneuver is denounced when used by those same companies to smear acceptable, liberal causes.

Trust Us, We're Experts PA by Sheldon Rampton, John Stauber |

I recognize that the use of lists is occasionally necessary. But couldn't they have found a less ham-fisted trust us we re experts of conveying the same information?

The fact that 15 odious conglomerates use the same law firm does not further convince me that the law firm is evil any more than if only 5 odious conglomerates were named. Finally, and most subtly, the authors are guilty of not being the people they study.

Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen cited the study in a Washington Times column and advocated for changes in federal law to make it harder for consumers to file for bankruptcy relief. You think that all grassroots organizations are truly grassroots?

A campaign against plastic milk bottles. You think that if a scientist says so, it must be trust us we re experts

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