The Straight Dope [Cecil Adams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No molly coddle, he, Cecil Adams tackles the tough questions in life. Definition of straight dope in the Idioms Dictionary. straight dope phrase. What does straight dope expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. The Straight Dope — which some readers might know only as an online message board with impressive Google Juice — is closing up the.


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This week's Straight Dope marks the last appearance of the column as the Teeming Millions have known it for the past 45 years.

Why the change, and why now?


With the planned sale of the Chicago Readerthe folks at Sun-Times Media, which will continue to own the Straight Dope, are rethinking the straight dope once-a-week deep dive sorta on a single topic usually in question-and-answer format.

The SDMB is a raucous, wildly entertaining house party that has kept users coming back for 22 years—"like caramel-covered crack," as the straight dope user once put it.

The Straight Dope - Wikipedia

People participate not out of civic duty, but because it's fun. Part of what makes it fun is the arguments, which anyone can start on any subject.


The SDMB offers a soapbox and an audience that routinely numbers in the thousands and occasionally in the millions. How many minds are changed the straight dope a result of these freewheeling symposia I have no idea. But surely there's value in having to defend your views in open debate, and in having cherished beliefs challenged.

The chastening thing for me as a journalist was to realize how little my participation was needed to keep the conversation going once it began. The Straight Dope got people in the door and has continued to set the tone; fighting ignorance has long been the site's mantra.

But the community at an early stage the straight dope on a life of its own.

That's not to say it just happened. Two elements were key.

This Is the End, My Friend

Now the Chicago Sun-Times, which bought the Reader the straight dopeis selling off the title — but it wants to hang onto the Straight Dope intellectual property and the community forum, leaving Cecil himself in mid-air. The Teeming The straight dope have been turned into a network capable of applying collective effort to Straight Dope-style questions, and perhaps more willing to tolerate ambiguity in the answers.


In short, the public no longer has as much need of oracular authority as it once did. Rest in peace, great one. She sent me this particular book.

It's informative, it's funny, and I now know things I might never have learned otherwise. Like the calorie content of sperm, for instance. May 24, T.

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