Other articles where The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True is discussed: Richard Dawkins: evolution by natural selection, and The Magic of. The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins. What are things made of? What is the sun? Is there really life on other planets? Why do. Bill Gates reviews The Magic of Reality by author Richard Dawkins.


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The explanations are enlightening, but the ideas that underpin Dawkins's the magic of reality argument the magic of reality that the world is fundamentally physical and knowable, that religion and scientific understanding cannot coexist — are more controversial.

Dawkins defines reality as what can be perceived with the senses, detected with scientific instruments, or predicted with models, such as black holes. He also adds "jealousy and joy, happiness and love," as they "depend for their existence on brains".

The Magic of Reality, Illustrated Children's Edition by Richard Dawkins

While it could be retorted that zombies depend for their existence on brains too, and it doesn't make them real, Dawkins is simplifying. He means that there's no more to feelings than the physical state of our brains and bodies: Dawkins is currently battling against the teaching of creationism as fact in faith schools, and in that context his endorsement of the scientific method is important, but he fails to acknowledge that religion and science aren't always trying to answer the same questions.

If, hypothetically, there existed a complete set of photographs of all one's direct male ancestors arranged in order of birth date or hatch date from the magic of reality to oldest stretching back millions of generations, from one generation to the next one would not perceive much difference between any two adjacent pictures—looking at a picture of one's grandfather or the magic of reality one is looking at a picture of a human—but if one looked at a picture from million generations back one would see an image of some kind of fish-like animal.

Dawkins stresses this point by saying the offspring of any sexually reproducing life form belongs in almost all cases to the same species as do its parents, with the exception of unviable hybrids such as the magic of reality.

Dawkins presents philosopher David Hume 's argument that miracle claims should only be seriously accepted if it would be a bigger miracle that the claimant was either lying or mistaken.

The Magic of Reality - Wikipedia

Dawkins regards miracle claims written down in texts subsequently deemed sacred as not exempt from this standard. Reception[ edit ] Tim Radfordin his Guardian review, calls the presentation of the physical book "prodigiously illustrated and beautifully designed", and regarding the content says "it is the magic of reality distillation of so much that Dawkins has written and argued since the publication of The Selfish Gene The strength is that he knows his ground.

Coghlan calls the book "a triumph" but wishes Dawkins had a chapter entitled "Why do people do bad things to others? Alas, he doesn't seize it. Too few of us wake up each day and reflect on how amazing it is that we are not only alive, but aware the magic of reality being alive.

In Science, We’re All Kids | Bill Gates

I found myself enjoying learning exciting new facts and having old ones reinforced. It was definitely no repeat of the classroom scenario Perhaps the book's greatest asset is that it manages to bring science to life. The vibrant illustrations reinforce this, as the magic of reality the fun font styles His style is colloquial, creating a relaxed, lighter tone.


The Magic of Reality hasn't changed my views on anything. There is no plan, winks Mr. Dawkins, nor any divinity.


There is just the 'magic' of the universe unfolding. If that is the view you wish your children to have of the cosmos, then The Magic of Reality will suit you very well.

After seeing an interview with Dawkins the magic of reality The O'Reilly Factoran official at the club cancelled Dawkins' appearance.

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