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Over time, activities have been diversified to answer local needs and meet renewed and enriched objectives.

The offer ranges from the study of studi biblici texts on two levels simple approach and systematic exegetic analysiscultural and biblical trainings, to language seminars biblical Greek and Jewish culture. Centro di Studi Biblici also organizes recurrent trips and study tours to the Holy Land actual courses led by local Bible scholarsspiritual Bible readings during Christmas period, theatre studi biblici on Biblical texts or on related themes, meetings on music, cinema, literature: Unique in Northeast Italy, the library hosts two mirroring rooms with carefully selected biblical, pastoral and theological texts, reaching over 13, books in Italian, German, English and French, together with the Bible studi biblici Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Copt, Chinese and Japanese.


Nonetheless, the main focus is on modern Bible studies. The offer also includes theology, history and religion history sectors. The library is mainly visited by specialists, university researchers, theology studi biblici religious studies students and also features informative, consultation and analysis sectors to integrate the courses.

Centro studi biblici Studi Biblici is tied to the Holy Land by a two-way relation: Eusebius of Cesarea, Storia Ecclesiastica 1,6,14,7.

Centro Studi Biblici | Visit Sacile

It became a heavenly gospel for use studi biblici consumption by mystics and not for the masses. It was adapted for those who were attracted to the studi biblici of heaven and not for those people that dirty their hands with the things of earth.

In this gospel the understanding of Jesus is undoubtedly formulated in the most profound way in all of the New Testament.

If the other evangelists present Jesus as the Son of God Mt The evangelist invites the reader to rid herself of every image or concept studi biblici God that is not found in the figure of Jesus, in his life and in his teaching. Every image of God, born from the religious tradition and spirituality, that does not coincide with Jesus is eliminated, however incomplete, limited, or false.

The God that Jesus reveals cannot be known studi biblici doctrine, but rather through his works: The only criteria to verify the divinity of Christ are his works, the same ones of the Father.


And the works of Jesus are all in favor of humanity, its life and happiness. Through the themes of Creation Genesis and of Liberation ExodusJohn studi biblici Jesus as studi biblici fulfillment of the hopes of the old covenant.

Christ is announced as the fullness of life and of light: This crescendo of light will be at times so dazzling that it will studi biblici intolerable for those that live in the darkness Jn 3.

The God-who-is-Love does not dominate humanity, but renders it possible, He does not absorb it, but rather merges with humanity in order to communicate the fullness of his divine life Jn A God who does not ask for offerings because it is He that offers Himself Jn 4.


This offer will not be welcomed, and the long awaited Christ will be refused, contested, slandered and in the end assassinated: The will of God is studi biblici every person becomes his child Jn 1.

But for the evangelist the Law of God does not exist: There is no possible conciliation studi biblici the love of the Father and the Law of God.

studi biblici For Jesus, the Law invoked by the leaders of the people is nothing but an empty container that hides the pretense of domination and power by the religious authorities: Studi biblici Law of God is adopted by religious leaders to defend their shaky theories passed off as the will of God, in order to oppress the people and rule the roost so that the people cannot have an opinion other than what the authorities express Jn 7.

Jesus never makes reference to the Law studi biblici God, but always to the love of the Father.

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