One main difference it that Epicureans teach that the end of man (the purpose of human life) is pleasure, while the Stoic School teaches that the purpose of  Which do you think is a better philosophy, Epicureanism or. Epicurus (left) vs Zeno (right). Last installment of my discussion of René Brouwer's The Stoic Sage: The Early Stoics on Wisdom, Sagehood and. Which lifestyle, Epicurean or Stoic, achieves the greatest amount of happiness? In his book "Stoics, Epicureans and Skeptics," Classicist R.W.


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Don't fear god, What is good is easy to stoic vs epicurean, and What is terrible is easy to endure. Other stoic vs epicurean to the teachings of Epicurus included the poet Horacewhose famous statement Carpe Diem "Seize the Day" illustrates the philosophy, as well as Lucretiuswho wrote the poem De rerum natura about the tenets of the philosophy.

The poet Virgil was another prominent Epicurean see Lucretius for further details.

The Epicurean philosopher Philodemus of Gadarauntil the 18th century only known as a poet of minor importance, rose to prominence as most of his stoic vs epicurean along with other Epicurean material was discovered in the Villa of the Papyri.

In the second century CE, comedian Lucian of Samosata and wealthy promoter of philosophy Diogenes of Oenoanda were prominent Epicureans.

Julius Caesar leaned considerably toward Epicureanism, which e. If I had time I would add to my little book the Greek, Latin and French texts, in columns side by side. Stoic vs epicurean, because the future is unknowable, complete surety can never be achieved, so it is also important to guard against disappointment and regret, to affirm one's fate in the final outcome.

The tenets were something like: Man's problem is that he resists the unavoidable outcomes of fate, does not recognize the inherent good in it, and possesses interests contrary to it.

However, as we cannot know the future it is difficult to avoid hoping or wishing for certain outcomes. The antidote for man's woes was to limit this wishful thinking, and engage in careful study and consideration to try to make sure that one's actions agree with the march of fate, which is the only path to success being the only thing which will actually happen.

They argued that he said one thing and practiced another, because he claimed to know nothing, and yet he clearly did know certain things. Because virtue is the single thing and those others are not that can always and only be used for good.

It makes no logical sense to say that one commits a virtuous crime, for instance. But it does make perfect sense to say that wealth can be used for good or for evil i.

Epicurus, again quoted by Cassius was right on one thing though: They also stoic vs epicurean deluded by these fables, apprehend an eternity of evils, and they fear the insensibility of death, as if that could affect them.

All that is a phantasy of the poets, who have terrified us without a cause. But the wise man sees that our actions are free, and because they are free, our actions are our own responsibility, and we deserve either blame or praise for them.

The garden and the veranda.

What are the main differences between epicureanism and stoicism? - Quora

The Epicureans Epicurus, founder of the school of philosophy called Epicureanism The Epicureans were materialists in the modern, scientific sense. Stoic vs epicurean accepted the physics of Democritus that the universe was composed entirely of empty space filled with atoms of differing shapes and weights that moved in non-linear paths swerving smashing together and latching into greater structures, composing the universe.

Posted by Daily Stoic on April 11, Stoic and Epicurean—two words that do not mean what people think they mean. The image of the Stoic is the unfeeling, emotionless brute and the Epicurean as the pleasure-loving, self-indulgent hedonist.

Stereotypes always fall short, but in this case, the common understanding of what it stoic vs epicurean to be a follower of the Stoics or Epicureanism has dealt two vibrant stoic vs epicurean a grave injustice.

Both philosophies were founded in Athens around B. C as the lives of both Zeno and Epicurus, the founders of the two schools, overlapped. They both counseled that we should avoid excessive pleasure and desires.


And to settle an important point early on, Epicureanism did not advocate for excessive self-indulgence the way we may think they did. Just as the Stoics were not unfeeling and reject emotions.


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