Jump to Projects and Programmes - Rural Sustainable Development Project in the Semi-arid Rural Development: Policy Coordination and Dialogue for. Find out the the list of Rural Development Programmes in India that gives extracted revision capsule for the aspirants of different examinations. In order to tackle these specific problems, a number of rural development programmes are being implemented to create opportunities for improvement of the.


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It is the fourth largest agricultural producing country, the main producer of coffee, sugarcane and citrus, and the second-largest soybean, beef and poultry producer.

Brazil has made significant progress in poverty reduction since the early s. Between andthe prevalence of poverty decreased from Although economic and social conditions have improved substantially, Brazil is still a country of great contrasts.

rural development programmes


Inequality is highest in rural areas, especially in the semi-arid Northeast. The project is an integral part of the national development plan.

Rural Development Programme

Results achieved so far demonstration and model fields rural development programmes been established and assessed throughout Timor-Leste for the maize campaign. Compared to traditionally farmed cornfields, the districts overseen by GIZ have succeeded in increasing yield by an average of 60 per cent, even reaching an increase of per cent in some areas.

Farmer Field Days are hosted for the campaigns in each district and are attended by farmers, representatives of NGOs, Ministry employees and journalists.

Working together, they compare the yield from traditionally farmed fields with that of the demonstration fields, which use improved rural development programmes techniques Good Agricultural Practices - GAPand then discuss the results and production processes.

Training modules have been developed and implemented with a practical focus for the coffee, maize and rice campaigns. Through the use of audiovisual media in a series of campaigns and specially adapted communication tools, farmers are being encouraged to approach the field advisors rural development programmes try the yield-enhancing measures themselves in the next season.


It is provided, amongst others, the establishment of operational groups of the European Innovation Rural development programmes for Productivity and Sustainability of Agriculture, aiming to connect agricultural research and practice.

A series of measures, including: Development of small farms, Start-up aids non-agricultural activities in rural areas, Investments in forest areas, Development and improvement of the viability of forests, Setting-up of producer groups and organizations.

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