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Description Translated from Spanish Procedimiento para producir un transformador de resina de colada resistente a las grietas y transformador de resina de colada resistente a las grietas. Process proceso de revenido producing a resin transformer crack resistant resin transformer and crack resistant cast casting.

The invention relates to a process for producing a resin transformer resistant to cracking, wherein a casting resin is used for electrical insulation of a transformer winding body casting proceso de revenido casting.

The invention also relates to a casting resin transformer with an electric insulation consisting of casting resin, of a transformer winding body casting resin.

The use of cast resins, especially epoxy resins, for electrical insulation of electrical component parts, especially high-voltage transformers, has long been state of the art.

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proceso de revenido In the construction of transformers casting resins they have the advantage that the casting resin on the one hand, have high electrical resistance and, on the other hand, in the state of tempering are mechanically very stable. However, when using casting resins is problematic that the casting resin in heating state is liquid heating and thereby difficult to treat.


Because of the part thus elevated temperatures, however, occur during the cooling process proceso de revenido different temperature gradients in the casting resin respectively in the material transitions, such as between the casting resin and the windings aluminum embedded in the casting resin, which can lead to mechanical stresses and thus to cracking of the casting resin or material transitions.

For this reason heretofore thermal proceso de revenido efforts are reduced by cooling, specific and time consuming body casting resin previously thermally tempered tempering.

Thus DE 43 43 A1 discloses for example a process proceso de revenido producing a ceramic casting. The ceramic casting produced with water glass and a powder containing silicon and aluminum, which reduces the open porosity of the casting resin.

The ceramic casting is mainly used as electrical insulation.


proceso de revenido Also DE 44 32 A1 discloses a molding epoxy resin that apart from an epoxy resin modified with phosphorus, presents additional components and inorganic fillers. According to DE 44 32 A1 the molding epoxy resin can technically be produced more easily and thus more economic way and aims regarding molding known epoxy proceso de revenido, have a lower water absorption and greater resistance to temperature changes.

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Also DE 24 A1 discloses a filling, in particular for producing profile parts with inserts embedded proceso de revenido, which consist of a basic component and at least one ancillary substance, wherein the basic component is casting resin and the basic component comprises at least two accessory substances, particularly quartz flour and a mineral fibrous material.

DE A1 shows the particularities of the preamble proceso de revenido claim 1.

Proceso de revenido the transformer resin castings produced so far in the prior art it is problematic that, in the case of a high electrical charge or a cold test shock, prescribed under the standard IECcracks are formed, especially transitions material. The risk of crack formation is greater the proceso de revenido the tempering process of casting resin during production occurs.

For this reason proceso de revenido to now in the prior art very long hardening were chosen so that an almost uniform all components around the casting resin transformer cooling is ensured. The tempering process until mold extraction from the final casting transformer casting resin, thus partly takes over 30 hours.


Proceso de revenido task of the invention is therefore to shorten the tempering process for producing a casting resin transformer. With regard to solving the above task proceso de revenido is provided a process for producing a resin transformer resistant to cracking according to claim 1.

Regarding the transformer casting resin, the problem is solved according to the invention by the features of claim 8. Advantageous embodiments are subject of the dependent claims to which reference will be made retrospectively.

It according to the invention is added to the resin liquid cast correspondingly to the process for producing a resin transformer crack resistant casting modifier tenacity of up to 20 phr in comparison with the basic component of the casting resin.


proceso de revenido The term known by the technical phr "parts per hundred resin" indicates how many parts by weight of a component in the casting resin are present, with respect to parts by weight of the casting resin.

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