La Tregua (The Truce, ), Storie naturali (Natural Histories, ),. Vizio di . In Primo Levi's The Periodic Table, the question of techne is dealt with at several of perhaps Ia tavola periodica is evocative of his authorial urge to organize. Primo Levi's The Periodic Table is a collection of short stories that elegantly interlace the author's experiences in Fascist Italy, and later in  Missing: la ‎tavola. The Periodic Table (Italian: Il Sistema Periodico) is a collection of short stories by Primo Levi, published in , named after the periodic table in hed in English‎: ‎


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Chemistry is what happens when we breathe, when we touch, when we react, and even our behaviour with others is chemistry at some greater level.

Il sistema periodico ( edition) | Open Library

This realisation once again, for me came as Levi describes the laboratory preparation of zinc sulphate. He discovers that "the so tender and delicate zinc, so yielding to acid which gulps it down in a primo levi la tavola periodical mouthful, behaves, however, in a very different fashion when it is very pure …" The reaction requires impurity, a touch of strangeness, a drop of copper sulphate in the diluted sulphuric acid, or it won't work.

He of course, is a Jew among Mussolini's Blackshirts, and draws a philosophical lesson: Fascism does not primo levi la tavola periodical them, forbids them, and that is why you are not a Fascist, it wants everybody to be the same, and you are not.


From it he concludes that one dare not trust the almost-the-same, the practically identical. And not only the chemist's trade. Levi never claims too much; never protests too much.


The narratives drive home the lessons, and such stories they are! They include his clandestine, and somewhat pointless employment — recruited, against all fascist laws by the Italian army — in an asbestos mine; the way a few rods of cerium became a currency that secured his survival in the concentration camp; the mad post-war attempt to try to synthesise, from chicken shit, the mysterious factor that made American lipstick so glossily kiss-proof; primo levi la tavola periodical an eerie moment in the business correspondence with a German supplier about the quality of a batch of vanadium naphthenate, when Levi realises that he primo levi la tavola periodical dealing with the man who headed the Auschwitz laboratory in which he had been a slave labourer.

The author was forced to work as a chemist in the Auschwitz labor camp. He later corresponded with his German supervisor at the camp.

The Periodic Table by Primo Levi

You have the bricks moleculesand then you need to find the right combination, the points of equilibrium and resistance, the play of forces and the supports to erect your building. If you find them, the house gets built and is solid, the product is designed and can be produced.

He was clearly interested then in the process by which new literary codes emerge. The relationship between the fragment and the whole is resolved here through both metaphor and metonymy: The narrated episodes describe by default a whole of which they are the visible part.

The Table wards off emptiness: At stake for Levi is not only a mastery of nature, but equally that of his own biography, which is drawn in dotted lines through the stories of his ancestors and a few sequences about childhood, primo levi la tavola periodical through episodes related to the rise of fascism, his experiences in primo levi la tavola periodical resistance and the camp, and ending post-camp.

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The empty space is therefore captured and made legible. We know, however, that this comparison does not altoget The Table justifies and reduces the unsaid and the gaps: Its elements, and the episodes associated with them, reveal primo levi la tavola periodical memory that has fully retained the experience of the camp.

Levi depicts a man endowed with total memory, who remembers everything that has happened on Earth from well before his birth. He recounts his origins, as Calvino did in Le Cosmocomiche, from the appearance of life on Earth to the beginnings of the human adventure.

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