Operacion chavin de huantar [Nicolas De Bari Hermoza Rios] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the English translation of the rescue. Perú resalta ante la OEA limpieza de operación Chavín de Huántar. Foto: OEA. Ceremonia por el XIV aniversario de la operación Chavín de Huántar. Military operation carried out to free hostages, captured days by members of the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) in the Japanese.


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The media speculated that it was a maneuver to lower the morale of the terrorists. The rumble of the military marches altered the nerves of those who remained in the Japanese ambassador's residence; however, the real reason for these maneuvers was to evacuate the land extracted during the night by operacion chavin de huantar of trucks that left a house located in the back street operacion chavin de huantar the residence.

After verifying that the terrorists were distracted by video cameras secretly introduced from the tunnels and microphones introduced by military health personnel through which they communicated some hostages of military rank, it was decided to start the operation. All the terrorists were killed during the operation.

One of the hostages, the Judge Carlos Giusti, was wounded in the leg, which caused a violent hemorrhage that caused operacion chavin de huantar death; He was the only hostage killed in the action.

Operation Chavín de Huántar

He received and distributed hundreds of bugged items in the building and himself communicated by radio with the Peruvian military. Assault[ edit ] During the course of the operacion chavin de huantar on 22 Apriltwo commandos, one hostage, and all fourteen of the rebels died.

Orders were to shoot terrorists on sight. Get to the hostages before any of those terrorist Commie bastards can turn an AK their direction. On the night of April operacion chavin de huantar,three teams of Peruvian commandos sat in complete silence, painted their faces green and black, checked the magazines and silencers on their SMGs, strapped in their bullet-proof vests, and made their way into the tunnels.

Their commander gave them one final order: It is strictly forbidden for you to die on me. You are going to be in serious trouble if you die on me. I had use it a lot of times in Cenepa. I called it "the mute".

The silencer blocked any trace of noise. I was thinking there, thinking about what was about to happen.

Badass of the Week: Operation Chavin de Huantar

Within hours I will be able to confront the bastard that had taken to kill so many people. It enrages me when my country is violated like that. Witnesses to that are the more than 30 Ecuadorians that I killed in the Cenepa conflict. The commando teams got into position, set their plastic explosive charges, and patiently waited for the sound of a rubber ball being kicked around above their heads.

The Peruvian operacion chavin de huantar sent a message to the hostages via a transmitter they'd smuggled inside recommending that the hostages barricade operacion chavin de huantar inside their room and prepare for some serious shit, and in broad daylight, in front of news crews from across the world, 70 Peruvian commandos launched an all-or-nothing balls-to-the-damn-wall assault on the terrorist compound.


Hardcore scary-looking commandos raced up through the floor, guns blazing, while the surviving terrorists fled up the stairs to the second floor, spraying bullets wildly from their AKs while their asshole comrades fell in heaps around them.

Outside the building, several more holes opened up in the courtyard as teams raced into action, throwing ladders on the walls and climbing onto the roof and into the second story. One team managed to flank the fleeing terrorists as they ran the hell away from the psychotic machine gun-toting dudes climbing out of the damn floor, firing in through the window and capping a couple more as operacion chavin de huantar ran towards the operacion chavin de huantar room.

These commandos breached the windows to enter, but were slowed down by a booby trapped explosive at the top of the stairs. While all this was going on, another team went over the wall and charged straight-on into the compound. A guy with a heavy steel shield broke in the door and his team rushed in behind him, killing two female terrorists before they could swing their AKs around at them the commandos catch some heat for killing these two, especially since one of these women was a teenage girl, but if running this site has taught me anything it's that a woman can squeeze a trigger or lob a grenade just as well as any man so I really don't see what the problem is here.

As the building was swarming with troops and explosions and gunfire were rocking the residence, there were still a group of unaccounted for terrorists rushing operacion chavin de huantar kill the hostages.

One team of commandos put an end to that quickly, blowing a hole through the roof and shooting down into the second floor hallway, killing the remainder of the terrorists, including the leader, as they ran to finish off the hostages.

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