It may omit spoilers if their content is completely contained in another spoiler or in the Guidebook or Nethack's built-in help system. It was written by Eva Myers. NetHack is a Rogue-like hack and slash computer RPG. It is particularly notable because it has been in development reasonably recently, and. Non-spoily guide for beginners to the secrets of NetHack It's difficult game, but with these instructions, it just might be little easier.


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If either status line becomes longer than the width of the screen, you might nethack guidebook see all of it.

Here are explanations of what the various status items mean though your configuration may not have all the status items listed below: The higher your strength, the stronger you are. Strength affects how successfully you perform physical tasks, how much damage you do in combat, and how much loot you can carry.

Dexterity Dexterity affects your chances to hit nethack guidebook combat, to avoid traps, and do other tasks requiring agility or manipulation of objects.

NetHack Guidebook for NetHack

Constitution Constitution affects your ability to recover from injuries and other strains on your stamina. When strength is low or modest, constitution also affects how much you can nethack guidebook. With sufficiently high strength, the contribution to carrying capacity from your constitution no longer matters.

Intelligence Intelligence affects your ability to cast spells and read spellbooks. Nethack guidebook Wisdom comes from your practical experience especially when dealing with magic.


Nethack guidebook affects your magical energy. Charisma Charisma affects how certain creatures react toward you.

In particular, it can affect the prices shopkeepers offer you.

Beginner’s Guide to NetHack

Alignment Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic. Often, Lawful is taken as nethack guidebook and Chaotic as evil, but legal and ethical do not always coincide.

Your alignment influences how other monsters react toward you. Monsters of a like alignment are more likely to be non-aggressive, while those of an opposing alignment are more likely to be seriously offended at your presence. Nethack guidebook Level How deep nethack guidebook are in the dungeon.

A Guide to the Mazes of Menace

You start at level one and the number increases as you go deeper into the dungeon. Some levels are special, and are identified nethack guidebook a name and not a number.

nethack guidebook The Amulet of Yendor is reputed to be somewhere beneath the twentieth level. There is a timer until you can use it again.

Beginner's Guide to NetHack | Dice of Doom

Basically, use a miscellaneous item, such as a lockpick, an whistle, or a magic marker used to scribe scrolls and spellbooks. Check the nethack guidebook if you need more.

Blessed items are better, Uncursed are normal, and Cursed either have strange effects for consumablesor cannot be removed for armour, weapons, rings, nethack guidebook the like. Cursed equippables normally have a bad effect.

Simply drop the items you want to test onto the altar. The game will append these descriptors to the items, and you can pick nethack guidebook up and do what you will with them. Pet Testing A pet wanders around a lot, and sometimes picks stuff up.

Nethack guidebook

A pet will almost never walk onto a square where there is a Cursed item. Without a weapon, you do only hit points of damage plus bonuses, if any. Monk characters are an exception; they normally do much more damage with bare hands than they do with weapons. There are wielded weapons, like maces and nethack guidebook, and thrown weapons, like arrows and spears.

To hit monsters with a weapon, you must wield it and attack them, or throw it at nethack guidebook. You can simply elect to throw a spear.

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