Largometraje dirigido por José Luis Cuerda. Año Reparto. SINOPSIS Orense, Cada vez que Elena. The year-old Spanish screenwriter and translator died 11 months after his first and only book, Los girasoles ciegos (Blind Sunflowers), was published in Los Girasoles Ciegos (Narrativas Hispanicas) (Spanish Edition) [Alberto Mendez] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Este libro es el regreso.


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A young man and his pregnant wife have trekked up into the hills, but the woman dies in childbirth leaving los girasoles ciegos father and infant child in an isolated hut as winter approaches. In a tattered notebook, with a script that becomes steadily more cramped as the physical limits of writing and body alike loom ever closer, the man documents what he knows will be a voyage los girasoles ciegos return.

Much of what he writes, especially on the margins of the page, is illegible or uncertain, and much else is unstated or indescribable. La lepra no era una enfermedad infecciosa, era una enfermedad del alma y su peligro no estribaba en el contagio sino en los girasoles ciegos voracidad canibal.

Lorenzo's imaginings also evoke the Biblical association of Jesus with lepers; however, here we observe an ironic twist: Los girasoles ciegos becomes the leper or the anti-savior in Lorenzo's imagination.

Put succinctly, the ruthlessness, insatiability, and contagion that the los girasoles ciegos exemplifies represents the Francoist State, upon which illusory moral structures were linked to notions of Christian civilization. Lorenzo's image of the man-eating Nationalist i.

The Blind Sunflowers - Wikipedia

McClintock argues, "As in many imperial scenes, the fear of engulfment expresses itself most acutely in the cannibal trope.

However, his version is undermined los girasoles ciegos Lorenzo's counter-version, which frames the colonizer as the diseased and predatory body preying on the healthy, young, and innocent.

Salvador's los girasoles ciegos confrontation with Elena presents the deacon with a vexing dilemma-to unveil the brutality of the Francoist imperial program or to uphold the model of civilized Catholic restraint. Salvador describes his role as that of a shepherd and his treatment of the defeated as part of a benevolent project of "civilization," when in fact he wields power through intimidation, manipulation and violence.

Los girasoles ciegos | Posthegemony

For Salvador, the defeated Republican woman becomes a dehumanized object, denied subjectivity and reduced to a metaphorical annex of the larger domain over which the Nationalists claimed authority. Paradoxically, however, it los girasoles ciegos Salvador who finds himself victimized and on the verge of insanity.

Why should this character who self-identifies as a white, Nationalist Catholic male feel victimized by Elena if he is able to claim a number of societal advantages over her?

I read the deacon's madness not as part of an individual 54 ALEC In Salvador's character, Mendez underscores how the gendered system in Spain was acutely patriarchal and simultaneously riddled with contradictions and inconsistencies.

In the final scene, this tension is unleashed. Y bast6 un gramo de mi ira para que saliera de su escondite los girasoles ciegos instigador del mal, el los girasoles ciegos organizador de ese entramado de mentiras.


EI marido de Elena estaba los girasoles ciegos en esa casa. In the end, Salvador attempts to raid and pillage the physical, psychological, and symbolic Republican territory i. It is, thus, paradoxical that while Salvador claims to protect Christian family values, he effectively destroys the social fabric of the vanquished-Elena's family unit.


los girasoles ciegos Acts of women's subjugation by the military regime were often fueled by patriarchal protocol, philosophy and theology, and imperialistic myths about domination over a 56 ALEC The acts then end up further solidifying the myths of masculine superiority and dominance.

An examination of Alberto Mendez's critical portrayal of the Franco regime, los girasoles ciegos sum, gives us important insights into the historical process marked by the intersections of patriarchy, religion and the state through which women's bodies during the regime became sites for male dominance and violence.

Additionally, it helps us to understand why such gendered violence has often been rendered invisible.


Many readers will recall that the Republican constitution of launched los girasoles ciegos legislative struggle to make Spain a secular state. To a large extent, Los girasoles ciegos groups used this theological framework to justify their own opposition to progressive reform.

While not all military insurgents and members of the Phalange supported a restoration of Catholic hegemony, they largely joined forces with the Church and its political outlet, the CEDA.


The Falange and the Spanish Establishment, During and aftr the war, many of those priests were exiled, imprisoned or executed by Nationalists. The Spanish Church in Transition, los girasoles ciegos This classic text examines how gendered discourses encouraged the policing of women's sexuality and the surveillance of women's dress and behavioral norms in postwar Spain.

This series of social transformations regarding the roles of women in society provoked intense protest, particularly among conservative Catholic los girasoles ciegos. The plot follows the life of a family, former sympathizers of the Spanish Republic, during the early s.

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