PDF | On Nov 15, , S Z Abbas and others published "To speak or not to speak?" 1: Silence and Trauma in Rajinder Singh Bedi's 'Lajwanti' and Sa'adat. LAJWANTI is Punjabi for “touch-me-not,” the flower that shuts its leaves upon human contact. It is also the title of Rajinder Singh Bedi's Urdu. Rajinder Singh Bedi Dwara Rachit Lajwanti”, a new periodic drama based on the short story “Lajwanti” written by the late writer Rajinder Singh.


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When he first saw her, Sunder Lal was a little dismayed.

The Problem of the “Unencumbered Mind”: On Gender and Partition in India

But when he saw that Lajwanti took in her lajwanti rajinder singh bedi every adversity including the chastisement he gave her, he increased the dose of thrashing. He was unaware of the limit of human endurance. And Lajwanti's reactions lajwanti rajinder singh bedi of little help; even after the most violent beating all Sunder Lal had to do was to smile and the girl would break into giggles "If you beat me again, I'll never speak to you.

If they did not and let them have their way, women were the first to start talking He can't manage a chit of a virl like her! Lajo herself sang a couplet which ran somewhat as follows: He had come with the bridegroom's party at Lajwanti's sister's wedding. His eyes had fallen on Lajwanti and he had whispered in the bridegrooms ear, Your sister-in-law is quite a saucy morsel; your bride's likely to be a dainty dish old chap!

The words went to her head. She did not notice the enormous boots Sunder Lal was wearing; she also forgot that her behind was small.

Such were the thoughts that coursed round Sunder Lal's head when he went out singing in the morning procession. He Would lajwanti rajinder singh bedi to himself, 'If I got another chance, just one more chance, I would really rehabilitate her in my heart.

A society which refuses to accept these helpless women is rotten beyond redemption and deserves to lajwanti rajinder singh bedi liquidated. He exhorted the men never to remind these women of their past experiences because they had become as sensitive as the Lajwanti and would, like the leaves of the plant, wither when a finger was pointed towards them.

Lajwanti - Rajinder Singh Bedi - Department of English

In order to propagate the cause of Rehabilitation of Hearts, the Mulla Shakoor Committee organised morning processions. The early hours of the dawn were blissfully peaceful no hubub of people, no noise of traffic.

Even street dogs, who had kept an all-night vigil, were fast asleep beside the lajwanti rajinder singh bedi.


People who were roused from their slumbers by the singing would simply mutter "Oh, the dawn chorus" and go back to their dreams. People listened to Babu Lajwanti rajinder singh bedi Lal's exhortations sometimes with patience, sometimes with irritation.

Women who had had no trouble in coming across from Pakistan were utterly complacent, like over-ripe cauliflowers. Their menfolk were indifferent and grumbled, their children treated the songs on rehabilitation like lullabys lajwanti rajinder singh bedi make them sleep again.

Words which assail ones ears in the early hours of the dawn have a habit of going round in the head with insidious intent.

Often a person who lajwanti rajinder singh bedi not understood their meaning will find himself humming them while he is about his business.

When Miss Mridula Sarabhai arranged for the exchange of abducted women between India and Pakistan, some men of Mulla Shakoor expressed their readiness to take them back.

TV adaptation of Rajinder Singh Bedi’s ‘Lajwanti’ launched

Their relatives went to receive them in the market place. For some time lajwanti rajinder singh bedi abducted women and their menfolk faced each other in awkward silence. Then they swallowed their pride, took their women, and re-built their domestic lives.

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Long Live Sohan Lal". They yelled till their throats were parched. There were some people who refused to have anything to do with the abducted women who cam back "couldn't they have killed themselves?

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