Kedara Vrata or Kedhara Gowri Vratam is also popularly known as Dipavali and is celebrated all over India with great pomp and show. This vrata is one of the. History and details of Kedara Gowri festival, Rituals for Kedara Gowri, Kedara Gowri festival foods, how to do Kedara gowri vratham. Kedara Gowri Vratham, Kedareeswarar nombu story in english. Kethara Gowri vrat - english version - how to perform the pooja and the.


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Staring from Purattasi Dasami thithi eighth day in growing moon mid-September to mid-October after amavasya till Deepavali amavaysa mid-October to mid-November one should perform this vratham for 21 days.

Significance of Kedara (Gauri) Vrata - Deepavali

Each day, after taking bath and wearing clean clothes, perform abisheka for the Kedara gowri vratam linga under the banyan tree Or in their own homedecorate with vibuthi, sandal and flowers. Make small rounds of sandal, jaggery, turmeric and place it before the linga.

If you follow this vow religiously for twenty one days and pray to Parameshwar, he will appear and grant your wishes. Parvathi Devi decided to perform this Vratham, and did so for twenty one days.

Lord Parameshwar appeared with his Deva ganas and gave half his body to Parvathi devi and became as Arthaneeswarar Half-shiva, Half-Parvathi. This symbolizes there kedara gowri vratam no Shiva without Sakthi.

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Knowing the power of this Vratham, all the devas and rishis performed this regularly. Once when celestial maids Devakannis were performing this pooja in river banks of Ganges, two daughters - Punniyavathi and Bakkiyavathi of a king who lost his kedara gowri vratam recently saw them and enquired about this.


They explained the vrat and gave them prasad and the sacred thread. When they returned home, miracle had happened and their father reclaimed the kingdom.

Kedar Gauri Vrat, Kedareshwara Gauri Puja Timings for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India

Kedara gowri vratam girls got married soon and were living a happy life. In this festival all things they offer should be in the count of The fruits they offer are 5 types of fruits,21 beetle leaves, 21 beetle nuts should be kept during pooja Kedara Gowri Food Menu Items Kedara Gowri Food Menu Items - The food to be offered to kedara gowri vratam during pooja are kajjayya 21 deep fried in gheeChitra anna ,kosmbri ,palya and later it can be served as prasadam to family members.


After taking that prepare some sweet in that coconut used for Kalsha. It is believed that on the final day of the vrath, lord Kedareswara is brought up into the kalasam. The food and fruits offered to kedara gowri vratam god is distributed to everyone.

And to end the vrath nombu one has to consume this prasadham offer to the lord Kedareswara. God gave him a stick to support his body. Shakti kedara gowri vratam to become part of Lord's body.

She observed the Kedhara vrata, one of Kedara gowri vratam favorite vratas. On the propitious day of Bhadrapada Shuklam, one must observe this vrata and wear 21 layered threads on their hand.


The vrata should be performed with clear mind and then puja and fasting is observed for all day long. On the subsequent day, the devotee must kedara gowri vratam a Brahmin and provide him meals. The puja for Kedara Vrata continues for a period of 21 days right from Kedareswara till Amavasa.

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