THE JABIDAH MASSACRE. As the sole survivor later recounted, the plotters led the trainees out of their Corregidor barracks on the night of. First of three parts. The so-called “Jabidah massacre” has been the biggest hoax foisted on this nation. It was a yarn spun in by. It's the 45th anniversary of what's known as the "Jabidah massacre", a previously under-acknowledged yet pivotal point in modern Philippine.


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Jabidah ‘massacre’ was the Yellows’ first big fake news

For an ethnic group known for its close yet expanded kinship system, no jabidah massacre has ever claimed his brother, son, cousin, or husband was killed in Corregidor.

In Marchmy father exposed the Jabidah Massacre.


Google it to read it yourself. The recruits felt giddy about the jabidah massacre not only of a monthly allowance, but also over the prospect of eventually becoming a member of an elite unit in the Philippine Armed Forces.


That meant, among other benefits, guns, which Muslims regard as very precious possessions. So from August to Decemberthe young recruits underwent training in Simunul.

The name of the the commando unit: On December 30 that year, from to recruits boarded a Philippine Navy vessel for jabidah massacre island of Corregidor in Luzon for "specialized training.

It struck the recruits that the plan would mean not only fighting their brother Muslims in Sabah, but also possibly killing their own Tausug and Sama jabidah massacre living there. Additionally, the recruits had already begun to feel disgruntled over the non-payment of the promised P50 monthly allowance.

WATCH: Still no justice 50 years after Jabidah Massacre

The recruits then demanded to be returned home. Then Sen Ninoy Aquino, who led a Senate probe on the issue, later met this batch in Jolo when jabidah massacre did his own sleuthing in March.

On March 18, another 12 recruits were told to prepare for home. At 2 am, they left camp. These men, till today, are unaccounted for. Soon after, on the same day, another batch of 12 was told that they were going to leave at 4 am. Why a dozen per batch? Because the plane, they were told, could carry only 12 jabidah massacre.

Jibin Arula, the most famous of the Jabidah survivors, belonged to this second batch.

‘Jabidah’ was a big hoax - The Manila Times Online

Arula's memory of this day remains vivid: When we reached the airport, our escorts alighted ahead of us. Then Lt Eduardo Nepomuceno ordered us jabidah massacre get down from the truck and line up [Nepomuceno was later killed in Corregidor under mysterious circumstances].


As we put down our bags, I heard a series of shots. Jabidah massacre dominoes, my colleagues fell. I ran and was shot at, in my left thigh. I didn't know that I was running towards a mountain…. By 8 am, I was rescued by two fishermen jabidah massacre Caballo Island, near Cavite.

Officers and men belonging to the Army Special Forces leaped out of the aircraft and engaged in a clandestine cover-up mission to erase traces of the massacre.

When they landed, the teams of soldiers found burned bodies tied to trees, near the airstrip, on jabidah massacre island's bottom side. The order from Army chief Gen Romeo Espino was to clean up the place and clear it of all debris. From afternoon till sunset, they collected charred flesh jabidah massacre bones and wrapped them in dark colored ponchos.

They could not keep track of how many bodies there were.

Jabidah and Merdeka: The inside story

They also picked up bullet shells lying on the airstrip. The trainees had been shot jabidah massacre before they were tied and burned. At the crack of dawn the next day, they loaded the ponchos in the helicopter and flew over Manila Bay.

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