Hand gesture recognition is very significant for human-computer interaction. In this work, we present a novel real-time method for hand gesture. Hand Gesture Recognition – Analysis of. Various Techniques, Methods and Their. Algorithms. Abstract-A Human Computer Interaction(HCI) between computers. The intention of this paper is to discuss a novel approach of hand gesture recognition based on detection of some shape based features. The setup consist of a.


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We will simply assign each point within a local neighborhood to a cluster and then pick the most central point of each cluster: For clustering we use cv.

Simple Hand Gesture Recognition using OpenCV and JavaScript.

The resulting polygon should look much cleaner: Detecting the fingertips Now we let OpenCV compute the convexity defects of the hand contour to hand gesture recognition new polygon.

This will give us the defect regions of our contour which are described by a starting point p0, an ending point p1 and the defect point p2.


Hand gesture recognition you do that however, you will have hand gesture recognition come up with a workaround for the case that only a single finger is being raised, as it will not be detected with this approach. For that reason I decided to come up with a different solution and consider the angle beta right image instead, which works as well.

Therefore we will transform the data as follows: For each remained region, that is, a finger, the minimal bounding box is found to enclose the finger.

A minimal bounding box is denoted as a red rectangle in Figure Then, the center of the minimal bounding box is used to represent the center point of the finger. The hand gesture recognition bounding box.

Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using Finger Segmentation

The centers of the fingers are lined to the palm point. Then, the degrees between these lines and the wrist line are computed.

If there is a degree smaller thanit means that the thumb appears in the hand image. The corresponding center is the center point of the thumb.


The detected thumb is marked with the number 1. If all the degrees are larger thanthe thumb does not exist in the image. In order to detect and recognize the other fingers, the palm line is first searched. The palm line parallels to the wrist line.

The palm line hand gesture recognition searched in hand gesture recognition way: For each row, a line paralleling to the wrist line crosses the hand.

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If there is only one connected set of white hand gesture recognition in the intersection of the line and the hand, the line shifts upward. Once there are more hand gesture recognition one connected sets of white pixels in the intersection of the line and the hand, the line is regarded as a candidate of the palm line.

In the case of hand gesture recognition thumb not detected, the line crossing the hand with more than one connected sets of white pixels in their intersection is chosen as the palm line. In the case of hand gesture recognition thumb existing, the line continues to move upward with the edge points of the palm instead of the thumb as the starting point of the line.


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