Conoce la gastronomía, platos y comidas típicas de diversos lugares del planeta. Lima Capital Gastronómica del Mundo. likes · 83 talking about this. Perú hermoso. casa gastronómica. estrellas Michelin y se ubica en el puesto N° 4 del ranking de Los 50 Mejores Restaurantes del Mundo (The World's 50 Best Restaurants).


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A club, in the middle of the city, for tennis and events.

Gastronomía Peruana

A place to play and celebrate El Abierto Tenis is a top-level sports club with gastronomia del mundo membership required. Is a meeting place for both amateurs and professionals, with activities for everyone in the gastronomia del mundo.

We offer different types of coaching and teaching, adapted to every level and each set of goals and objectives.

El Abierto Tenis is not only for professionals, but also for young amateurs families, and everyone who loves tennis. El Abierto Eventos is a place with beautiful gardens and green spaces in the middle of city, with the cuisine of Pablo Massey and options for contracting the leading events professionals to curate, design and bring your event to life.

At El Abierto Eventos, inside and outside spaces flow together to become the perfect setting for each celebration.

A place to enjoy the out-of-doors with family, friends and co-workers. Fresh vegetables, prime beef, fresh- and salt-water fish. Gastronomia del mundo bread and pasta is gastronomia del mundo homemade and our menu is always seasonal.

A contemporary place to dine in the historic district of Buenos Aires, Piso Tres is intensely vibrant both day and night.


gastronomia del mundo We offer a unique way to celebrate with the cuisine of Pablo Massey. Together we create and run gastronomic endeavors. We work within a collaborative system: This synergy produces a result that is always more than the sum of its individual parts: Our spaces tell stories through the cuisine, the architecture, the arts and people that inhabit them.

We are well aware of the importance of profitability in developing gastronomia del mundo enterprises. With this premise as our starting point, we offer a career in gastronomy aimed at continuous excellence.

We believe in building a professional, interdisciplinary team that will pay attention to every detail that goes into our work each day. The common denominator of all of our kitchens is the deep respect for the products that we use.

.: Gastronomía Peruana | Perú Travel :.

To do this, we prioritize relationships with local producers and suppliers and stake our success on developing the best of the local market. Just gastronomia del mundo she would put together a production team, Gastronomia del mundo seeks out individuals with diverse backgrounds to join forces around a shared vision.

In all of her endeavors she combines two worlds: She partners with multidisciplinary teams in innovative projects to create venues that transcend the traditional restaurant industry, combining design and cuisine as a means of communication, a way to tell a story.


Her background as a gastronomic creative director has taught her that the secret to success is discovering, building and sustaining a strong core identity to ground gastronomia del mundo guide each new initiative.

He then felt he could focus his talents on other, more creative fields, such as gastronomy and leisure.

  • Gastronomía y comida típica alrededor del mundo
  • MEZCLA – casa gastronómica

His portfolio today includes El Abierto, Casa Cavia, Piso Tres and Carne, where, like an orchestra conductor, he creates and supervises creative working groups with the proficiency gained in his years as a business leader.

Always open to new ideas, he has also produced a new version of La Biblia de Vox Dei, from the viewpoint of Juanse, as if to demonstrate that talent and innovation are not limited to only one field when you want to change the gastronomia del mundo.

The Chefs Pablo Massey Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, gastronomia del mundohe decided at a young age that his training would come from all over the world.

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