I was looking to upgrade to my second set of monitors; smallish room, audiophobic neighbour with a face like a sick whippet - a scenario  Focal CMS 40 - Initial reactions. Following the Focal CMS 65 and CMS 50, the CMS 40 is even smaller but not less CMS 40, Active Monitor from Focal in the CMS series. The Focal CMS 40 powered nearfield monitors bridge the gap between smaller, more affordable speakers and high end studio performance. Shop


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Focal Professional CMS 40 | AudioStream

The CMS 40 revealed some details, especially on vocals, we couldn't notice with other speakers. Moreover, our final mixes with the CMS 40 translated very nice and well-balanced into other sound systems, with no ugly surprises.

You'll probably have the feeling that the frequency response of these speakers focal cms 40 narrower — they certainly have less low-end and high-end than other monitors we've reviewed. But behind this feeling, there is the fact that the CMS focal cms 40 is often straighter: If you listen carefully to speakers that seem to sound better, you'll notice that some details are missing in the mid frequency range.

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Generally speaking, focal cms 40 CMS 40 have a better dynamic response than other models we've reviewed: Another good thing is that the sweet spot of this model is pretty wide so you can move around in your room without too many surprises.

Whats' more, the speakers seem to not be affected by the sometimes bad room acoustics.

Cash's voice sounds closer to the listener with the Focals, but the guitar sounds brighter with the ADAMs. Let's go on with "Angel" from Massive Attack.

Focal Professional CMS 40 Compact Monitors review | MusicRadar

The monster bass in this song reveals that the ADAMs can deliver a wider lower end, however the bass does sound more precise and has a more "intelligible" attack with the CMS focal cms 40 It might be that the ADAMs low-end tends to mask or blur certain frequencies.

The drum kick sounds dryer with the CMS, it has no resonance at all and you can only hear its attack. The electric guitars in the middle of the song sound a bit more like a "bee nest" with the ADAMs.

We switch to Raconteurs' "Consolers of the Focal cms 40 a song with vintage-sounding guitars and very powerful drums. The bass drum sound seems to be less controlled and a bit softer with the ADAMs, while the Focals reveal a very dynamic response and produce punchy transients.

Sibilants of vocals cut through with the A3X and the Focals emphasize the mid focal cms 40 of the guitars. The latter seem to have a more linear and controlled response. I used a fixed pair for each rear position and the adjustable spikes up front to give the CMS 40's some rear-leaning rake, angling their phase-plugged tweeters at my ears.

As usual, the CMS 40s sat atop my plywood stacks. I find the Focal's black powdered subtly sparkly paint finish perfectly pleasant to look at but this is obviously a question of taste.

They are built and finished to a nice quality and their included spikes and slotted front mounted port give them a nice squat bulldog appearance. Even though I listen very near-field, the drivers meshed perfectly and presented a stable and solid sound image dead-center between the pair and with some care taken with placement, this sound image was more or less reproducing my music damn near inside my head which is one of the beauties of listening in the nearfield, imo.

One common knock I've read about professional focal cms 40 is they can have a clinical, almost sterile presentation. If anything, Focal cms 40 had some powered desktop speakers here for review that just sounded not so great and they would certainly be of little use as monitors.


Focal Professional's CMS line is primarily designed for smaller studio environments for post-production work and in the case of the CMS 40s for use as secondary focal cms 40 to compliment larger full range systems. The CMS 40s are Focal's most compact nearfield monitors to date and on unpacking them, it's surprising how small they are, but how solid and well built they feel.


They look the business too, with black-powder-coated, die-cast-aluminium cabinets. The speakers ship with removable protective grills, phase plugs to insert over the tweeters for as precise a soundstage as possiblerubber focal cms 40, adjustable spikes and rubber isolation mats - plus focal cms 40 can be placed vertically or horizontally and wall mounted if required.

: Focal CMS 40 Compact Powered Monitor - Single Speaker: Musical Instruments

Connection-wise, there's a kettle-plug power socket, a balanced XLR input and an unbalanced phono focal cms 40. Many described it is as natural and open sounding, and very easy to setup, without any control complications.

A good number of reviewers and experts commended it for its ability to improve the overall mixing process.

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