Wurster Fluid Bed Coating has been the specialty of Coating Place, Inc. since our founding in Wurster coating uses a differential air stream to move a bed. In fluidized bed powder coating, heated parts are either dipped directly into a container of fluidized powder or passed through an electrically charged cloud of. With fluid bed coating, particles are fluidized and the coating fluid sprayed on and dried. Small droplets and a low viscosity of the spray medium ensure an even.


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The location of the spray nozzle at the bottom of the fluidized fluid bed coating of particles is what sets our Wurster process apart from other coating methods. Differential air streams move the bed of particulate upward in a cyclic motion inside the chamber as it is coated with an atomized material to create a core-shell structure.

Applications – Fluid Bed Technology | Colorcon®

Fluid bed coating configuration insures that the coating material can be applied efficiently to individual particles while controlling for agglomeration. With this method, particles having different shapes and sizes are moved around in the fluidized bed and simultaneously sprayed with a liquid.

The aqueous or organic solution evaporates and the solids it contains form the coating layer. A typical particle size is micrometers up to 3 millimeters. The casing can be used as a protective layer to increase shelf life or storage stability as well as to make the particles functional — for instance, to mask odors or tastes or to fluid bed coating specific active substances.

Wurster Fluid Bed Coating

Bottom Spray Coating Wurster coating This process is fluid bed coating suitable for a controlled release of active ingredients. In the Wurster process, a complete sealing of the surface can be achieved with a low usage of coating substance.

The spray nozzle is fitted in the base plate resulting in fluid bed coating spray pattern that is concurrent with the air feed.

By fluid bed coating a Wurster cylinder and a base plate with different perforations, the particles to be coated are accelerated inside the Wurster tube and fed through the spray cone concurrently.

As the particles continue travelling upwards, they dry and fall outside the Wurster tube back towards the base plate. Granulator Process Top spray Most commonly used type of fluid bed fluid bed coating for granulation.

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In this process, there is a counter current opposite direction movement of powder particles or pellets and liquid spray. Rotor Process Tangential spray Originally designed for the preparation of granulates pelletsthis process fluid bed coating also become adapted for the film coating of multiparticulates.


In this process, the powder particles or pellets fluid bed coating in a helical fashion due to spinning rotor disk on the bottom of the equipment. The liquid is sprayed within the moving powder or pellets.

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