Computer networks are complicated in the details, but the basic ideas of how it of the image file on one computer sent to the other computer over the ethernet. In computing, a shared resource, or network share, is a computer resource made available from Modern operating systems for personal computers include distributed file systems that support file sharing, while hand-held computing devices. Read here to find out how to connect to another computer and share files between files with other PCs on your network because of Windows security features.


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A dedicated server is designed specifically for use as a file server, with workstations attached for reading and writing files and databases.

File servers may also be categorized by the method of access: Internet file servers are frequently accessed by File Transfer Protocol FTP or by HTTP but are different from web serversthat often provide dynamic web content in addition to static files. Database servers file computer networking, that provide access to a shared database via a database device driver, are not regarded as file servers as they may require Record locking.

Design of file servers[ edit ] In modern businesses the design of file servers is complicated by competing demands for storage space, access speed, file computer networkingease of administration, securityand budget.

File server - Wikipedia

This is further complicated by a constantly changing environment, where new hardware and technology rapidly obsolesces file computer networking equipment, and yet must seamlessly come online in a fashion compatible with the older machinery.

To manage throughputpeak loads, and response file computer networkingvendors may utilize queuing theory [1] to model how the combination of hardware and software will respond over various levels of demand.

Servers may also employ dynamic file computer networking balancing scheme to distribute requests across various pieces of hardware.

The primary piece of hardware equipment for servers over the last couple of decades has proven to be the hard disk drive.

Although other forms of storage are viable such as magnetic tape and solid-state drives disk drives have continued to offer the best fit for cost, file computer networking, and capacity. Storage[ edit ] Since the crucial function of a file computer networking server is storage, technology has been developed to operate multiple disk drives together as a team, forming a disk array.

Shared resource

Samba can be used to create network shares which can be accessed, using SMB, from computers running Microsoft Windows. An alternative approach is a shared disk file systemwhere each computer has access to file computer networking "native" filesystem on a shared disk drive.


This implies that a network share can be addressed according to the following: The shared folder can also be given a ShareName that is different from the folder local name at the server side.

A shared drive or folder is often mapped at the client PC computer, meaning that it is assigned a drive letter on the local PC computer. For example, the drive letter H: Security issues[ edit ] File computer networking network share can become a security liability when access to the shared files is gained often by devious means by those who should file computer networking have access to them.

Many computer worms have spread through network shares. Network shares would consume extensive communication capacity in non-broadband network access.

Shared resource - Wikipedia

Because of that, shared printer and file access is normally prohibited in firewalls from computers file computer networking the local area network or enterprise Intranet. However, by means of virtual private networks VPNshared resources can securely be made available for certified file computer networking outside the local network.

A network share is typically made accessible to other users by marking any folder or file as shared, or by changing the file system permissions or access rights in the properties of the folder.

For example, a file or folder may be accessible only to one user the ownerto system administrators, to file computer networking certain group of users to public, i. The exact procedure varies by platform. In operating system editions for homes and small offices, there file computer networking be a special pre-shared folder that is accessible to all users with a user account and password on the local computer.

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