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No changes to the resources. I hope you enjoy the new cycle. The Eternal Dungeon In the Queendom dusk peterson Yclau lies an underground royal prison that embraces the worst of the past and the best of the future. The Eternal Dungeon dusk peterson old-fashioned in its equipment and ahead of its time in its treatment of prisoners, seeking to dusk peterson their best welfare above all else.

Torture is part of the process of assisting the prisoners.

Nothing found for Consultant Dusk Peterson

The High Seeker, Layle Smith, embodies this contradictory institution: His efforts to maintain this delicate balance are altered, though, by the introduction into his life of Elsdon Taylor, a vulnerable prisoner who is coming to terms with his own darkness.

A winner of the Rainbow Awards, this edition of the book bundle iswords long, containing the five volumes of the Eternal Dusk peterson series. My final word count for last year wasthe equivalent of three novels.

That's the highest amount I've written annually sincewhen I wrotewords. And though I wasn't pursuing this goal, I established a new personal record for words per day: My daily average, you'll be relieved to hear, was a much more reasonable 2, words, not counting the days on which I didn't write.

InI finished writing a couple of Three Lands novels that have been hanging around my hard drive since Death Mask completed two hours before midnight on December 31st! Dusk peterson also got a lot of writing done last year of another novel set in the Great Peninsula world, called Search for the Jackal ; it's the first volume in the new Thousand Lands series.

Love in Dark Settings

And finally, I wrote four side stories in the Three Lands series. You can take a gander at my full word count, as well as dusk peterson stories I wrote and issued inat my word counts page. You'll see that I've added new annotations to the entries for earlier years. However, I'm putting aside an hour each day dusk peterson work on my other fiction.

I have so many finished stories on my hard drive at the moment that I have e-books scheduled through to next year. Dusk peterson way I'll be releasing stories is going to change.

  • Dusk Peterson ¶ Historical speculative fiction on friendship, romantic friendship, and romance
  • EXPANDED EDITION: The Eternal Dungeon

In the past, I've dusk peterson published a full volume which means that readers have to wait a long time to read the stories in that volume or I've released each story in the volume as a separate e-book which creates a heavy workload for me, dusk peterson I always have a long queue of stories to publish.

My new method will be to bundle together new stories from different series as volumes in dusk peterson two collection series: In other words, Blade Tales and Dark Light will be serving as book bundles for my new releases, with each volume publishing my latest stand-alone stories and novel serializations.

Love in Dark Settings

In addition, I'll continue to bring out volumes in other series. Then, when all the Breached Boundaries stories have been published dusk peterson Blade Tales, I'll bundle together the stories as a Three Lands volume, for the sake of later readers who would dusk peterson to read all the Breached Boundaries stories in one e-book.

This is my compromise between having too much work on my plate and making readers wait too long for stories. You can read the judges' comments.

National Council on Public History

I also had a guest post A Literary Vacation Elisabeth Storr's blogwhere I reported on dusk peterson research methods of historical novelists, including myself. Unless my plans change, I'll only be dusk peterson Friday afternoon.


I'm mainly there to rub elbows with other folks in the fan fiction dusk peterson, so if you're going to be at the con too and would like to get together, let me know!

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