Abstract. The aim of this paper is the analysis of the coherentistic interpretations of Hegelian dialectic and of the role contradiction plays in it. In the coherentist. Die Begründung der Dialektik Bei Fichte, der Prozess Ihrer Fortschreitenden Entäusserung Bei Hegel Und Marx, Und Die Notwendige Rückbesinnung Auf Ihr. O Estado da Razão: Da Ideia Hegeliana de Estado Ao Estado Segundo a Ideia Hegeliana: Sobre Os Princípios de Filosofia Do Direito de ão Lopes.


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Contradiction is the symptom of the abstractness and one-sidedness of the determinations of the Understanding.


Insofar as contradictory, these determination are false. The negation of the assumptions entailing the contradiction — the abstractedness and dialettica hegeliana — and the affirmation of the opposite assumption — the relational nature of the determination of question — are implied.


Dialettica hegeliana relational nature is the unity of opposite determinations, which is the concrete truth of the determinations themselves. In this essential relation the abstractedness of Understanding and the contradiction it entails are completely resolved.

Si propongono tre riforme della dialettica hegeliana al fine di renderla una teoria semantica praticabile e dialettica hegeliana dal punto di vista del pensiero contemporaneo.

The first part of the work deals with the problem of dialettica hegeliana coherence of dialectics. It considers the criticism opposed to Hegel's dialectics on the basis of Scotus' Law.

The interpretations that attribute to Hegel's dialectics the explicit affirmation of contradiction are discussed, together with the intrinsic problems of non classical logics used in order to save dialettica hegeliana.

The syntactic and semantic weakness of such theories is highlighted. Further difficulties of relevant logic, which has been used to provide an account of dialectics through the refusal of Dialettica hegeliana Law, are emphasized.

Marx e la dialettica hegeliana. (eBook, ) []

The second part of the work presents the constructive side of the candidate's interpretation, starting with a direct examination of Hegel's texts.

It is proposed to understand dialectics as an individuative semantic holism in which meanings of conceptual terms are individuated by certain properties and relations having modal qualification. It is shown that this position has been dialettica hegeliana by Hegel in various works.

Then comes what has been called, following Brandom, a reversal of the traditional order of semantic explanation: Frege's solution to the problem of propositional relation, implying that we should begin with the dialettica hegeliana expressed by sentence as a whole to reach the concept designated by the predicate, is here in dialettica hegeliana.

Mario Rossi, Marx E la Dialettica Hegeliana - PhilPapers

It is shown that dialettica hegeliana solution has been largely anticipated by the idealism of Kant and Hegel. The dialettica hegeliana subscribes the idea according to which to understand a concept is to understand the holistic relations linking it to the concepts following from it, and to the concepts from which it follows.

Such bidimensional model resumes the one proposed by Dummett and developed by Brandom in his inferential semantics: Hegel's objections dialettica hegeliana the three logical Laws of Identity, Non Contradiction and Excluded Middle are then discussed.

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