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Interaction starts between the different cell organelles of the oocyte and the, spermatozoon; it continues without interruption between the different parts of the very early embryo and also between the different tissues and organ anlagen of the developing embryo.

In the early days, those instruments were made by hand. developmental biology balinsky


Studies on embryos were complemented by studies on oocytes, which are readily accessible by simple surgery on females. One disadvantage of traditional developmental biology balinsky species is that they are seasonal breeders. This meant that investigators could developmental biology balinsky do their experiments throughout the year.

Xenopus laevis, the South African Clawed Frog, is a notable exception.

Developmental Biology - Werner A. Müller - Google Książki

In fact, it was its ability to spawn when induced with an injection of gonadotropic hormone that led to its common usage for human pregnancy tests in the s: An injection of pregnancy urine which contains chorionic developmental biology balinsky would induce spawning.

This led investigators to consider its use in experimental embryology. In fact, it was commonly used for experimental embryology in South Africa before its utility was recognized elsewhere. Developmental biology balinsky was one of the South African embryologists who used Xenopus.

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During the s, Fischberg's laboratory in Geneva used Xenopus for studying development. His student, Developmental biology balinsky Gurdon, brought attention to Xenopus developmental biology balinsky demonstrating that transplantation of tadpole intestinal epithelial nuclei into enucleated eggs could promote development to the adult, thus extending Briggs and King's earlier nuclear transplantation research that utilized Rana pipiens.

In fact, Brown was the first to isolate a eukaryotic gene: Gradually, the ease of obtaining eggs on a year-round basis, the rapid rate of development and the availability of mutants such as the anucleolate and albino mutant caused investigators began to forsake their favorite frogs and newts for the homely Xenopus.

Another impetus developmental biology balinsky investigators to adopt Xenopus came inwhen Gurdon and his colleagues demonstrated that the Xenopus oocyte will translate messenger RNA injected into it Gurdon et al.

This has proven to be a valuable system for the expression of RNA. Later, when recombinant DNA technology made it possible to clone individual Xenopus genes, injections of synthetic RNA into zygotes allowed investigators to overexpress RNA or to express antisense RNA to evaluate developmental biology balinsky role of a transcript during development.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands in the late s and early s, P. Nieuwkoop was investigating inductive interactions during early development of urodeles and, later, Xenopus.

Boris Balinsky: transition from embryology to developmental biology.

He had developmental biology balinsky son John B. Balinsky who is also a scientist. At the beginning of development, there is only very restricted spatial diversity, but as development proceeds the interaction of the different parts leads to ever-increasing spatial complexity of the developing embryo.

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