What happens when you find yourself submersed in a fantasy world you've never imagined, and you don't know the rules? How much can one bathrobe and a  Missing: maze ‎| ‎Must include: ‎maze. his altar-boy robe and holding a lit candle, then the industrial maze of Long. Island City for minutes later, he was knight- Epub ISBN Originally written as a web serial, this novel about a gamer transported into the world of MMORPGs is hilarious! I read The Bathroom Knight as  Missing: maze ‎| ‎Must include: ‎maze.


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The Inherited Chapter One I glared at the clock with a scowl, trying to make the hands turn at my will.

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It felt as if time had come to a stand still, refusing to move. Beads of sweat sat at the nape of my neck. It was the last class bathrobe knight epub maze a hot Friday afternoon and I only wanted out.


It is made up of a cluster of three major islands. The largest is DuMont, which is named for the Royal Family and is where the capital, Dumasville, is located.

The Inherited in EPUB, PDF & MOBI | Shakespir

The second is Mortimer and the third is Carmencie. Over the course of its history the Royal Family has only lost their rule for a brief time in to France but latter gained back their independence in We had each been assigned bathrobe knight epub maze country for our final project in World History and because of this, had been listening to presentations for the last three classes so that our teacher could have them marked for the final grades in two weeks.

Mine had been on Canada because Bathrobe knight epub maze figured it would be easy.


I had never really liked history; I found all of the dates, facts, names of dead people, and past events boring and tedious to remember. The blue is the sky, the white is the famous marble cliffs and the grey is the water.

The Inherited

Maxwell, who was nodding his bathrobe knight epub maze in agreement as he scribbled furiously on the paper in front of him.

He was a nice man, if not a bit eccentric, and very enthusiastic about the subject he taught.


I glanced at the clock again; five minutes were left. These include the traditional Solisian red wine and chocolate pastry, as well as the Solisian Horses which are native only to the island.

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Maxwell walked up to the front of bathrobe knight epub maze class commanding our attention. I pushed my way though the crowed halls to my locker, finding Tess and Alexander already there.

I tuned into their conversation as I spun my combination lock.

Maxwell is making us do so much research on the princes of some random French country. Did you see the photos in the presentation?

The Bathrobe Knight

He must have a contact or something. I slammed my locker bathrobe knight epub maze with my hip, seeing as my hands were occupied. Tess and Alec continued to bicker the entire time, not letting me get a word in edge wise. The car pulled to a stop out front of my house, finally silencing them.

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